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A & J Zimmerman

  • GB-2014-WSA-01529
  • Corporate body
  • 1879-1930

Silversmiths founded in 1879 by Arthur S. Zimmerman and John Ulrich Zimmerman. Became A & J Zimmerman Ltd in 1902 finished trading in 1930.

A. Kolesnikow

  • GB-2014-WSA-01730
  • Corporate body

A.F. Brown

  • GB-2014-WSA-01718
  • Corporate body


  • GB-2014-WSA-01588
  • Corporate body


Adie Brothers Ltd

  • GB-2014-WSA-01530
  • Corporate body
  • 1906-1968

Silversmiths. Incorporated in 1906. Became part of British Silverware in 1960s. Closed in 1968.

Ansell & Bailey

  • GB-2014-WSA-01587
  • Corporate body
  • 1900-



  • GB-2014-WSA-01871
  • Corporate body
  • 1882-

Ashburnham was originally located in Ashburnham House. The building had housed the library of the antiquarian Sir Robert Cotton, containing some of the most important Old English manuscripts in existence, many of which were destroyed or damaged in the fire of 1731, including the manuscript of Beowulf. Those that survived formed the foundation collection of the British Library.
Originally owned by the Abbey, the Public Schools Act of 1868 recommended that the building be bought by the School on the death of the occupant, the sub-dean, much to the Abbey’s consternation. The Dean and Chapter used their control over the Governing Body to attempt to prevent the school from buying the building from the Abbey, but this manoeuvre was overturned by Parliament. The sub-dean living in the house survived until 1881.
The house was finally founded the year after the sub-dean died.

Asprey & Co Ltd

  • GB-2014-WSA-01531
  • Corporate body
  • 1909-

Silversmiths. Kennedy & Asprey c.1841-1843. Charles Asprey 1973-c.1872, Charles Asprey & Son, c.1872-c.1879, Charles Asprey & Sons, c.1879-c.1888, C. & G.E. Asprey, c.1888-c.1900, Asprey & Co. c.1900-1909, Asprey & Co Ltd 1909-1998, Asprey & Garrard 1998-2002, Asprey & Co Ltd 2002-.

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