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Hastings, Warren, 1732-1818

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  • 1732-1818

HASTINGS, WARREN, second son of Rev. Penyston Hastings, Vicar of Bledington, Gloucs., and Hester, dau. of Thomas Warren, Stubhill, near Twining, Gloucs.; b. 6 Dec 1732; adm. May 1743 (Gibson's); KS (Capt.) 1747; left 1749; Writer, EICS Bengal 1749; landed at Calcutta 8 Oct 1750; Resident, Murshidabad 1757-60; member of council, Calcutta 1761-4; returned to England 1764; gave evidence on India to a committee of the House of Commons 1766; Second on Council, Madras 1769-72; Governor of Bengal 13 Apr 1772 – Oct 1774, Governor-Gen. of Bengal 20 Oct 1774 – Feb 1785; reorganised financial and judicial system in Bengal, Bihar and Orissa; assisted Nawab of Oudh against the Rohillas; took measures against dacoits; named as first Governor-General of Bengal in Act of 1773; opposed by majority on new Council; charged with corruption by Nuncomar, who was subsequently arrested on a charge of forgery in a private suit instigated by an Indian, and hanged; took measures to improve the EI Company’s finances; supported by Supreme Court, Calcutta, which ignored the acceptance by the Company’s directors of his provisional resignation; fought a duel with Sir Philip Francis, who had persistently opposed him in Council, 17 Aug 1780; drove Haidar Ali out of the Carnatic; deposed Chait Singh, Zemindar of Benares, and seized his treasure 1781; suspected of conniving at the imprisonment of the Begums of Oudh and the seizure of their property; concluded treaty with Tippoo Sultan in 1783 which laid foundation for British supremacy in India; founded Asiatic Society of Bengal and the Calcutta Madrisa; left India Feb 1785; returned to England 13 Jun 1785; his impeachment on ground of corruption and cruelty in his administration of Bengal voted by a large majority in the House of Commons 3 Apr 1787; his trial in Westminster Hall occupied 145 days between 13 Feb 1788 and 23 Apr 1795, but resulted in an acquittal; retired to estate at Daylesford, Worcs., purchased by him in 1788; Privy Councillor 6 May 1814; FRS 25 Jun 1801; DCL Oxford 30 Jun 1813; one of donors of Warren Hastings Cup; m. 1st, 1757 Mary, widow of Capt. John Buchanan, Craigieven; m. 2nd, 8 Aug 1777 Anna Maria Apollonia, mother of Sir Charles Imhoff (qv), widow of Baron Christopher Adam Carl von Imhoff, and dau. of Baron von Chapuset; d. 22 Aug 1818. DNB. Monument in North Transept, Westminster Abbey.

Goodenough, Edmund, 1785-1845

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  • 1785-1845

GOODENOUGH, EDMUND, son of Samuel Goodenough (qv); b. 6 Apr 1785; adm.; KS (Capt. ) 1797; elected to Christ Church, Oxford 1801, matr. 15 May 1801, Westminster Student, Tutor, Censor; BA 1805; MA 1807; BD 1819; DD 1820; Public Examiner 1811-3; Proctor 1816; Select Preacher 1817; ordained; Perpetual Curate of Cowley, Oxfordshire 1810; Vicar of Warkworth, Northumberland, 18 Jun 1818; Sub-Almoner to the King c. 1820 – c. 1833; Head Master of the School Sep 1819 – Aug 1828; Vicar of Wath-upon-Dearne, Yorks., 1821; Prebendary of York from 23 Jun 1824; Prebendary of Carlisle from 22 Apr 1826; Prebendary of Westminster 2 Jun 1826 – res Sep 1831; Dean of Wells from 6 Sep 1831; FRS 1 Apr 1824; a Busby Trustee from 27 May 1823; m. 31 May 1821 Frances, sister of Charles Robert Cockerell (qv); d. 2 May 1845. DNB.

Tanner, Lawrence Edward, 1890-1979

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  • Person
  • 1890-1979

Tanner, Lawrence Edward, brother of Ralph Eyre Tanner (q.v.); b. Feb. 12, 1890; adm. Sept. 27, 1900 (G); left July 1909; Pembroke Coll. Camb., matric. Michaelmas 1909; B.A. 1912; M.A. 1919; Winchester Reading Prize 1912; served in Great War I; Lieut. (Gen. List); asst. master at the school 1919-32; clerk to the Weavers' Company 1919-60; secretary to H.M. Royal Almonry since 1921; keeper of the Abbey muniments 1926, and librarian 1956; F.S.A. 1924; M.V.O. 5th class 1932, 4th class 1948; C.V.O. 1953; a Busby Trustee 1939; secretary of the Elizabethan Club 1913-24; author of Westminster School, its Buildings and their Associations (1923), and of Westminster School; a History (1934; 2nd edn. 1951); m. Jun 9, 1945, Joan Doreen, daughter of the Hon. Assheton Nathaniel Curzon; d. 15 Dec. 1979.

Southey, Robert, 1774-1843

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  • 1774-1843

SOUTHEY, ROBERT, son of Robert Southey, Bristol, linen draper, and Margaret, dau. of Edward Hill, Bedminster, Somerset, attorney; b. 12 Aug 1774; adm. 2 Apr 1788 (Ottley); Min. Can. 1789; an elegy written by him on his sister’s death was refused for publication by the editors of The Trifler; he, Grosvenor Charles Bedford (qv), and Charles Watkin Williams-Wynn (adm. 1784, qv) founded The Flagellant, which appeared for the first time 1 Mar 1792, but he was expelled from the School for writing the article against excessive flogging in the fifth number, dated 29 Mar 1792; refused admittance to Christ Church, Oxford, and went to Balliol Coll. Oxford, matr. 3 Nov 1792, where he resided for a year and a half, making the acquaintance of S. T. Coleridge; author, Joan of Arc 1796; adm. Gray’s Inn 7 Feb 1797; author, Thalaba 1801; settled at Keswick, Cumberland 1803; author, Madoc 1805, The Curse of Kahama, 1810; Poet Laureate from 12 Aug 1813; author, Life of Nelson 1813, Life of Wesley 1820; MP Downton 1826 – Dec 1826, when unseated for not possessing a sufficient property qualification; during his career his political and religious opinions altered, the republican becoming a Tory and the independent thinker a champion of the established church; author of a large number of books, including the standard edition of William Cowper’s (qv) Works in 15 vols, 1833-7; contributed 95 articles to the Quarterly Review; m. 1st, 14 Nov 1795 Edith, dau. of Stephen Fricker, Westbury, Wilts.; m. 2nd, 4 Jun 1839 Caroline Anne, poetess, dau. of Capt. Charles Bowles, EICS Bengal, Buckland Cottage, Lymington, Hampshire; d. 21 Mar 1843. Monument in Poets’ Corner, Westminster Abbey. DNB.

Carleton, John Dudley, 1908-1974

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  • Person
  • 1908-1974

Carleton, John Dudley, son of Brig.-Gen. Frederick Montgomerie Carleton DSO, of Butler's Marston, Warks, and Emma Gwendolen Priscilla, d. of Sampson Samuel Lloyd of Dolobran, Montgom.; b. 29 Aug. 1908; adm. Jan. 1922 (H); left July 1927; Merton Coll. Oxf., matric. 1927, BA 1930, MA 1947; an asst master at the school 1932-49; War Office (attd Special Forces) 1941- 5; appointed Under Master Election 1949 (on the revival of that office); Head Master 29 June 1957 to 31 Aug. 1970; chairman Westminster Sch. Soc. Council 1946-57; a Busby Trustee 1969-74; pres. Elizabethan Club 1974; author of Westminster 1938, Westminster School 1965; m. 5 Aug. 1965 Janet Buchanan, writer under the name of Janet Adam Smith, d. of Very Rev. Sir George Adam Smith DD, Principal of Aberdeen Univ., and widow of Michael Roberts, Prin­cipal of Coll. of St Mark & St John, Chelsea; d. 6 Nov. 1974.

Impey, Elijah, Sir, 1732-1809

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  • 1732-1809

IMPEY, SIR ELIJAH, brother of Michael Impey (adm. 1730, qv); b. 13 Jun 1732; adm. Sep 1740; KS 1747; Capt. of the School 1751; Trinity Coll. Cambridge, adm. pens. 28 Jan 1752, scholar 24 Apr 1752, matr. Easter 1754; Chancellor’s Second Medal 1756; BA 1756; MA 1759; Minor Fellow, Trinity Coll. 3 Oct 1757, Major Fellow 4 Jul 1759; adm. Lincoln’s Inn 8 Nov 1751, called to bar 23 Nov 1756; Western Circuit; Recorder of Basingstoke 11 Apr 1766-73; adm. Inner Temple 20 Nov 1766, tenant chambers there 21 Nov 1766 – 16 Jun 1768; Counsel for East India Company before House of Commons 1772; Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Bengal 22 Mar 1774 – 1 Nov 1787; knighted 30 Mar 1774; confirmed committal of Nuncomar for forgery and sentenced him to death 1775; ruled that Warren Hastings (qv) had not resigned the post of Governor-General 1777; his judicial powers were restricted by a compromise between Hastings and Philip Francis 1779; President of new Appeal Court (Sadar Diwani Adalat) over local tribunals 1780-2; recalled to defend himself against charges of illegality brought by Francis 1783; defended himself successfully against six charges at bar of House of Commons 1788, including the proceedings against Nuncomar and the exercise of extended judicial powers contrary to his patent; MP New Romney 1790-6; his biography was written by his son, Elijah Barwell Impey (qv), and published in 1846; m. 18 Jan 1768 Mary, dau. of Sir John Reade, Bart., Shipton Court, Oxfordshire; d. 1 Oct 1809. DNB.

Brock, Denison Saumarez, 1922-1980

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  • Person
  • 1922-1980

Brock, Denison Saumarez, brother of Donald Alastair Carey Brock (qv); b. 27 Apr. 1922; adm. Sept. 1935 (A), (B) Sept. 1939; left July 1940; Trin. Coll. Camb., matric. 1940, BA 1948, MA 1953; RM 1941-5 (Capt.); asst master at the school 1949-78, housemaster Ashburnham 1953-63, Grant's 1963-9, Sen. Master 1972-8, retd 1978; a substantial benefactor to the school; d. 3 Nov. 1980.

Rutherford, William Gunion, 1853-1907

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  • 1853-1907

Second son of the Rev. Robert Rutherford, Minister of the United Presbyterian Church at Mountain Cross, Peeblesshire, by Agnes, daughter of William Gunion, a Glasgow merchant; born July 17, 1853; educated at Glasgow High School, St. Andrew's Univ., and Ball. Coll. Oxon., where he graduated B.A. 1877, M.A. 1880; 1st class Classics (Mods.) 1874; 2nd class Nat. Sci. 1876; a Classical master at St. Paul's School 1876-83; elected Fellow and Praelector of Univ. Coll. Oxon. June 1883; appointed by the Governing Body as Scott's successor June 1883; ordained Sept. 23, 1883; installed Head Master up School Sept 17, 1883; resigned on account of ill health July 1901; a Greek scholar of European reputation; LL.D. (St. Andrew's) 1885; author of 'The New Phrynichus' (1881), an edition of the 'Fables of Babricus' (1883), and other works; married Jan. 3, 1884, Constance Gordon, daughter of John Thomson Renton, of Bradston Brooke, Surrey; died July 19, 1907. ODNB.

Boult, Sir, Adrian Cedric, 1889-1983

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  • Person
  • 1889-1983

Boult, Sir Adrian Cedric, only son of Cedric Randal Bault, of Blundellsands, near Liverpool, by Katherine Florence, daughter of Harry Dawson Barman, of Blackheath, Kent; b. April 8, 1889; adm. April 26, 1901 (G); left July 1908; Ch. Ch. Oxon., matric. Michaelmas 1908; B.A. and Mus. Bae. 1912; M.A. 1915; studied in Leipzig; on the musical staff, Royal Opera, 1914; served during Great War I in the War Office, and on Commission Internationale de Ravitaillement; conducted for the Royal Philharmonic and the Liverpool Philharmonic Societies, the London Symphony, Queen's Hall, and Albert Hall orchestras; joined the teaching staff of the Royal College of Music 1919; conductor of Patron's Fund 1919-24; Musical Director of the Birmingham City Orchestra 1924-30 and 1959-60; Director of Music of the B. B.C. 1930-42; Conductor of the B. B.C. Orchestra 1930-51, and of the London Philharmonic Orchestra 1951-7; Mus.D. Oxon. 1921; Hon. LL.D. Birmingham 1930; F.R.C.M.; Hon. Mus.D. Edinburgh 1933; knighted 1937; Hon. Student of Ch. Ch. Oxon. 1939; Hon. LL.D. Liverpool 1947; Hon. Mus. Doc. Cambridge 1953; a Busby Trustee 1946; author of A Handbook on the Technique of Conducting; m. July 1, 1933, Ann, daughter of Capt. F.A. Bowles, R.N., of Sittingbourne, Kent; d. 22 Feb. 1983.

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