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Barnes, George, 1813-1836

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  • 1813-1836

BARNES, GEORGE, eldest son of Ralph Barnes, Exeter, solicitor, Clerk to Dean and Chapter of Exeter and Deputy Registrar for the Diocese, and Augusta Charlotte, dau. of Ven. John Andrew, Archdeacon of Barnstaple and Rector of Powderham, Devon; grandson of Ralph Barnes (adm. 1744, qv); b. 9 Feb 1813; adm. 22 Sep 1825 (Stikeman's); KS 1826; elected to Christ Church, Oxford 1830, matr. 28 May 1830, Westminster Student; BA 1834; d. unm. 8 Sep 1836.

Barnes, Ralph, 1810-1884

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  • 1810-1884

BARNES, RALPH, eldest son of Frederick Barnes (adm. 1785, qv); b. 8 Oct 1810; adm. 15 Jan 1823 (Stelfox's); KS 1824; elected to Christ Church, Oxford 1829, matr. 2 Jun 1829, Westminster Student; rowed in University Eight v. Leander at Henley 20 Jun 1831; BA 1833; MA 1835; ordained deacon 18 Dec 1836, priest 10 Jun 1839 (both Oxford); Vicar of Ardington, Berks., 4 Apr 1839; Vicar of 3rd portion of Bampton, Oxfordshire 1844 (dispensation to hold with Ardington, 1844); Vicar of Bampton Aston, Oxfordshire 1857; extracts from the diary which he kept when at Oxford were used by Sherwood, Oxford Rowing, 1900; m. 11 Aug 1870 Charlotte St. Leger, dau. of Charles James Fox Combe, Cobham Park, Surrey; d. 21 Apr 1884.

Barnes, William, 1817-1892

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  • 1817-1892

BARNES, WILLIAM, eldest son of Samuel Barnes FRCS, Great Duryard, Exeter, surgeon, and Juliana, dau. of William Speke, Jordans, Somerset; grandson of Ralph Barnes (adm. 1744, qv); b. 25 Jan 1817; adm. 24 Sep 1828 (Stikeman's); KS 1829; left 1834; Christ Church, Oxford, matr. 4 Jun 1835, Canoneer Student 1835-40; BA 1839; MA 1865; a banker at Exeter, firm Sanders & Co. , by 1845; JP (1858) Devon; m. 2 Jul 1840 Lucy, fifth dau. of Walter Long, Preshaw House, Hants. ; d. 21 Jan 1892.

Barrow, Peter, 1813-1899

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  • 1813-1899

BARROW, PETER, third son of Sir John Barrow, Bart., FSA, Second Secretary, Admiralty, and Anna Maria, dau. of Peter John Trütter, Cape of Good Hope, member of the Court of Justice; b. 30 Jul 1813; adm. 15 Jun 1824 (Singleton's); Writer, EICS Bengal 1831; at Haileybury Coll. 1831-2, but taken ill and did not proceed to India; 3rd class Clerk, Admiralty 21 Jan 1833 - 17 Oct 1834; private secretary to Governor of Sierra Leone 1837-8; Superintendent, Juvenile Convict Establishment, Port Arthur, Tasmania 1839-40; living in Western Australia Jan 1840 – Oct 1841, briefly holding post of Protector of Aborigines; British Vice-Consul at Caen, France 9 Jun 1845-57, Rabat and Sallee, Morocco 12 Mar 1857-62, Nantes, France 14 Jun 1862, and subsequently at Kertch to retirement 11 Jan 1880; m. 14 Apr 1846 Esther Maria, second dau. of Col. Pierre Hypolite Alexandre Lepetit de Courville, Commandant de la Garde d’Honneur under Napoleon I; d. at Ostrehan, Calvados, France 6 Oct 1899.

Benbow, Herbert Clifton, 1861-1941

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  • Person
  • 1861-1941

BENBOW, HERBERT CLIFTON, son of John Benbow, Uxbridge, Middlesex, merchant, and Adela, dau. of Daniel Tookey; grandson of Clifton Benbow (qv); b. 4 Oct 1861; adm. as exhibitioner (G) 27 May 1875; QS 1876; elected to Trinity Coll. Cambridge (with Triplett) 1880, adm. pens. 1 Jun 1880, matr. Mich. 1880; BA 1884; MA 1910; a schoolmaster at Cargilfield Sch., Cramond Bridge, Midlothian, 1883-1927; d. 2 Feb 1941.

Benthall, William, 1803-1877

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  • 1803-1877

BENTHALL, WILLIAM, son of William Searle Benthall (previously Bentall), Totnes and Buckfast Abbey, Devon, woollen manufacturer and banker, and Mary Ann, dau. of William Marshall MD, Totnes; b. 21 Jan 1803; adm. (G) 7 Jun 1815; KS 1817; elected head to Trinity Coll. Cambridge 1821, adm. pens. 9 Jun 1821, scholar 1822, matr. Mich. 1821; a banker at Totnes c. 1823-41, when his partnership went bankrupt; m. 8 Sep 1831 Elizabeth Charlotte Cornish; d. 16 Jun 1877.

Bentham, Jeremy, 1748-1832

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  • 1748-1832

BENTHAM, JEREMY, son of Jeremiah Bentham, attorney-at-law, Red Lion Street, Houndsditch, London, and his first wife Alicia, widow of --- Whitehorne, and sister of George Woodward Grove (qv); b. 15 Feb 1747/8; adm. 1755; (Morel's according Bentham's memoir); elected KS 1759, but remained a Town Boy; left Aug 1760; Queen’s Coll. Oxford, matr. 28 Jun 1760; BA 1764; MA 1767; adm. Lincoln’s Inn 26 Jan 1763, called to bar 6 Nov 1769; did not practise his profession, but resident in chambers in Middle Temple 1766-9, Lincoln’s Inn from 1769; turned his mind to science and to speculations on politics and jurisprudence; his Fragment on Government, a masterly criticism of Blackstone’s Commentaries, appeared anonymously in 1776; friend and protege of Earl of Shelburne (later 1st Marquis of Lansdowne); a successful promoter of law reform and one of the ablest propagandists of the doctrine of utilitarianism; exercised great influence in the fields of ethics and jurisprudence; his published works were collected and edited by Sir John Bowring and John Hill Burton, in an eleven-volume edition published in 1843; his reminiscences of his school-days at Westminster appear in vol. x, 26-35, where it will be seen that his opinion of the instruction, discipline and usages of the School in his day was by no means flattering; two small MS volumes containing school and college exercises by him are preserved in the School Library; d. unm. 6 Jun 1832; his skeleton is preserved at University Coll., London. DNB.

Bewicke, Calverley, 1816-1864

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  • Person
  • 1816-1864

BEWICKE, CALVERLEY, elder son of Calverley John Bewicke (qv); b. 29 Sep 1816; adm. 26 Sep 1827 (Singleton's); left May 1835; Univrtsity Coll. Oxford, matr. 7 May 1835; elected first President OUBC 1839, and rowed stroke v. Cambridge 1839; of Hallaton Hall, Leics.; m. 1839 Mary Amelia, youngest dau. of Rev. Nathaniel John Hollingsworth, Rector of Boldon, Co. Durham; d. at Lisbon 22 Jun 1864.

Blackburne, Lancelot, 1658-1743

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  • 1658-1743

BLACKBURNE, LANCELOT, son of Richard Blackburne, London; b. 10 Dec 1658; adm.; KS 1671; elected to Christ Church, Oxford 1676, matr. 20 Oct 1676, Westminster Student 24 Dec 1676-85 (void); BA 1680; MA (in his absence) 28 Jan 1683/4; ordained 1681; went to Antigua, West Indies, soon after his ordination; a protegé of Sir Jonathan Trelawny, Bart. (q. v. ), Bishop of Exeter; Prebendary of Exeter 15 Jun 1691, Sub-Dean 1695-1702, 1704-5; Rector of Calstock, Cornwall, 29 May 1696 (dispensation to hold with Bishopric of Exeter 1716/7); Vicar of Altarnun, Cornwall, 1699 (dispensation to hold with Calstock, 1699); Dean of Exeter 3 Nov 1705 - Feb 1716/7; Archdeacon of Cornwall 24 Jan 1714/5 - Feb 1716/7 (but dispensation to hold with Bishopric of Exeter, 1716/7 ?); Chaplain in Ordinary to George I (Chamberlayne 1716); DD Lambeth 28 Jan 1716; consecrated Bishop of Exeter 24 Feb 1716/7; Lord Almoner from 26 Oct 1723; Archbishop of York from 8 Nov 1724; Privy Councillor 10 Dec 1724; Busby Trustee from 18 Feb 1725/6; a gay and witty divine of remarkably free manners, which gave rise to many scandalous stories; was described by Horace Walpole as “the jolly old Archbishop of York who had all the manners of a man of quality, though he had been a buccaneer, and was a clergyman; but he retained nothing of his first profession, except his seraglio” (Walpole, Memoirs of the Reign of George II, 1847, i, 87); m. 2 Sep 1684 Catherine, widow of Walter Littleton, Lichfield, Staffs., and dau. of William Talbot, Stourton Castle, Staffs.; d. 23 Mar 1742/3. DNB.

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