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Personal Papers of Colin Andrew Murray

The personal papers of Colin Andrew Murray, a pupil at Westminster School between 1939 and 1944. The papers include documents from his time at the school, such as; reports, school work, notes and correspondence from the school. The papers also include documents acquired as an Old Westminster, relating to; university examinations, The Elizabethan Club, The Westminster School Society, the School's Quatercentenary (400th anniversary), Commemoration and continued correspondence with the school.

Murray, Colin Andrew, 1926-2012


The personal papers of Colin Andrew Murray from when he was a pupil at the Westminster School, 1939-1944. Includes, school reports, school work and correspondence and notices from the school to parents.

Notices and Correspondence to Parents

Notices and correspondence from Westminster School to parents, some directly addressed to Colin Andrew Murray's parents and others addressed to all parents. Including correspondence and notices regarding evacuation processes during the war, exams and scholarships, joining the scouts, school uniform lists, notes for parents of new pupils, accounts and bills and directions for hayfever sufferers.

Examination Papers

Question papers from different exams. Includes, maths and geometry exams for scholarships and exhibitions in the colleges of Cambridge University, Challenge Papers for scholarships at Westminster School and Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examinaton Board exam papers for various subjects.

Mathematics notes

Handwritten notes on different mathematical subjects, including, statistics, dynamics, geometry, triangles and quadrilaterals, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, ratios and circles. Also includes a Westminster School binder which the notes were originally kept in.

Old Westminster

The personal papers of Colin Murray from after he left Westminster School. Including documents regarding the Westminster School Society, the Elizabethan Club, the War Memorial Appeal, Quatercentenary celebrations, commemoration services, correspondence, press cuttings and Christmas cards.

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