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'The Rigaudite Review'
GB 2014 WS-02-HOU-04-04-01 · File · Jan 1919 - 1968
Part of Westminster School's Archive and Collections

These files contain edtions of the Rigaud's house magazine, 'The Rigaudite Review'. The magazine was compiled by the boys within the House and could be bought for a small price. Sometimes copies were sent out to old Rigaudites. It contained editorials, articles about events going on in the House, details of sporting events and achievements and short stories. The later editions also contain adverts. Some magazines have inserts.

'The Major'
GB 2014 WS-02-HOU-04-04-02 · File · Nov 1973- Dec 1976
Part of Westminster School's Archive and Collections

'The Major' was Rigaud's House magazine and is revival of 'The Rigaudite Review'. It largely contains short stories, poems, and artwork, and was compiled by the students.

'Rigaud's Reflections'
GB 2014 WS-02-HOU-04-04-03 · File · Feb 1946 - Jul 1952
Part of Westminster School's Archive and Collections

'Rigaud's Reflections' was another House magazine, but it was only intended to be disseminated among the boys within Rigaud's House. It was compiled by the boys of Rigaud's House and contains editorials, sports results, short stories, letters to the editor and interviews. Many of the issues are decorated with hand drawn illustrations on the front and throughout the booklets.

GB 2014 WS-02-HOU-06-02-01 · File · c. 1956 - c. 1963
Part of Westminster School's Archive and Collections

This file contains details of boys of Ashburnham House. It includes their name, home address, date of birth, date they entered the school, comments on the boy from their preparatory school, a list of subjects in which they achieved 'O' and 'A' levels and comments on their academic development, qualities and interests. Some entries also include comments on the boys' parents and their occupations, and notes on when boys were confirmed. The entries are arranged alphabetically by surname.