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Head Master, Westminster School

Adams, John, fl. 1540

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  • Person
  • fl. 1540

Head Master of Westminster School until quarter ending 25 Mar 1540/1.

Browne, Thomas, c.1535-1585

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  • Person
  • c.1535-1585

born c.1535 ; ed. Eton Coll. and King’s Coll.Cambridge, adm.scholar 13 Aug 1550 ; BA 1554/5 ; MA 1558 ; BD 1569 ; Fellow, King’s Coll. 1553-64 ; ordained deacon 18 Oct 1561 (London) ; University Preacher, Cambridge 1562 ; Rector of Dunton Waylett, Essex, from 18 Apr 1564 ; Head Master, Westminster School Jan 1565 – Mar 1568/9 ; Prebendary of Westminster from 20 Apr 1566, Sub-Dean ; Rector of St.Leonard, Foster Lane, London 11 Jul 1567-74 ; Rector of Chelsea, Middlesex, from 7 Jun 1574 ; his play, Thebais, A Tragedy, probably translated from Seneca, is supposed to have been written for performance at Cambridge in the late 1550s or early 1560s, but no text of it survives; author, several occasional poems ; m. ; d. 2 May 1585. Buried South Cloister, Westminster Abbey. ODNB.

Busby, Richard, 1606-1695

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  • 1606-1695

BUSBY, RICHARD, second son of Richard Busby, Lutton, otherwise Sutton St. Nicholas, Lincs., and ---, sister of Henry Robinson, Westminster ; b. 22 Sep 1606 ; adm. ; KS (Capt.) ; elected to Christ Church, Oxford 1624, matr. 10 Feb 1625/6, Westminster Student to 1661, Tutor 1632-7 ; BA 1628 (incorp.Camb.1628) ; MA 1631 ; DD 1660 ; acted the part of Cratander in Cartwright’s Royal Slave before the King and Queen at Christ Church 30 Aug 1636, with great success ; ordained ; appointed Head Master of the School in the place of Lambert Osbaldeston (qv) in 1638/9, but not confirmed in that office until 23 Dec 1640 ; Prebendary of Wells and Rector of Cudworth, Somerset, 1 Jul 1639 ; ejected from his stall and rectory during the Commonwealth, but was allowed to retain his Studentship at Christ Church and his post at Westminster ; there is no evidence that he took either the Covenant or the Engagement, and of his loyalty both to Church and King there is no question ; Robert South (qv) relates that “the King was publicly prayed for in this school but an hour or two (at most) before his sacred head was struck off”, while John Owen, Dean of Christ Church, used often to say that “it would never be well with the nation till this School was suppressed” (Sermons preached upon several occasions by Robert South, 1865, i, 420-32) ; his chief trouble during the Commonwealth seems to have been with the Under Master, Edward Bagshaw (qv), who was eventually dismissed from the School by the Governors, May 1658 ; restored as Prebendary of Wells on the Restoration, also Canon Residentiary and Treasurer from 11 Aug 1660 ; Proctor in Convocation, Diocese of Bath and Wells ; Prebendary of Westminster from 5 Jul 1660, Treasurer 1660-72, Archdeacon from 1672 ; carried the ampulla at the Coronation of Charles II, 23 Apr 1661, and the orb and cross at the Coronation of James II, 23 Apr 1685 ; a great schoolmaster and a most successful teacher ; “the soil”, says Steele, “which he manured, always grew fertile” ; gained the respect and veneration of his pupils in spite of his excessive use of the birch ; his chair is preserved up School, and many of the books which he bequeathed to the School are still in the Busby Library, built by him at his own expense ; the Busby Trustees, thirteen in number and always OWW, still carry out the charitable trusts of his will for the benefit of the poorer clergy and others ; author, Graecae Grammaticae Rudimenta, 1663, and other books for the use of the School ; d. unm. 5 Apr 1695 ; buried in the Choir, Westminster Abbey, in front of the steps leading to the Sacrarium, under the black and white marble pavement of which he was the donor ; monument by Bird in Poet’s Corner. DNB ; see also G.F.Russell Barker, Memoir of Richard Busby, 1695.

Camden, William, 1551-1623

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  • Person
  • 1551-1623

Son of Sampson Camden, London, citizen and painter stainer, and his first wife Elizabeth, dau. of Giles Curwen, Poulton Hall, Lancs. ; b. 2 May 1551 ; ed. Christ’s Hospital and St.Paul’s Sch. ; Magdalen Coll.Oxford, servitor 1566 ; migr. to Broadgates Hall and subsequently to Christ Church, Oxford ; BA 6 Mar 1573/4 ; adm. Inner Temple 20 Feb 1571/2, having previously been a member of Lyon’s Inn ; began travelling over England collecting antiquarian and archaeological data ; Under Master, Westminster School 1575-93, obtaining appointment through the influence of Dean Goodman (Camden noted in his Memorabilia, under the year 1575, “Westmonasterium veni”, T.Smith, ed., Camdeni Epistolae, 1691, (Annales section), 85 (see also op.cit., viii) ; Keeper of Chapter Library, Westminster Abbey 15 May 1587 ; Prebendary of Salisbury from 6 Feb 1588/9 (although a layman) ; Head Master, Westminster School Mar 1592/3 – Oct 1597 ; on 13 Jun 1594 was permitted to “take his diet with us, the said Dean and Chapter, sittinge at our table in our said Colledge” ; Clarencieux King of Arms from 23 Oct 1597 ; founded Camden Professorship of History, Oxford Univ., 1622 ; author, Britannia, 1586 (six subsequent editions in his lifetime), Annales, 1615-25, and other works ; his Institutio Graecae Grammaticae Compendiaria, 1595, published for the use of the School, was an epitome of the Graecae Linguae Spicilegium of Edward Grant (qv) ; it became known as the Eton Greek Grammar and passed through more than 100 editions ; see W.H.Herendeen, William Camden, A Life in Context, 2007 ; d. unm. 9 Nov 1623. Buried South Transept, Westminster Abbey. ODNB.

Carey, William, 1769-1846

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  • Person
  • 1769-1846

CAREY, WILLIAM, son of Richard Carey, Worcester, and Margaret --- (IGI); b. 18 Nov 1769; adm. 9 Sep 1783; KS 1784; Capt. of the School 1788; elected head to Christ Church, Oxford 1789, matr. 12 Jun 1789, Westminster Student 24 Dec 1789 - res 23 Dec 1803, Tutor 1794-1800, Junior Censor 1798-1801; BA 1793; MA 1796; BD 1804; DD 1807; ordained; Curate, Cowley, Oxfordshire, 1800; Head Master of the School Jan 1803 - Dec 1814; Prebendary of York 22 May 1802 – res 15 May 1815; Sub-Almoner to the King 16 Feb 1808 - c. 1815; Prebendary of Westminster 18 Mar 1809 - Apr 1830; Vicar of Sutton in the Forest, Yorks., 15 Apr 1813-20; consecrated Bishop of Exeter 12 Nov 1820; translated to St. Asaph, 7 Apr 1830; gave the scenery for the Latin Play that was in use between 1808 and 1858; gave during his lifetime £20, 000 Consols for the better maintenance of the bachelor students at Christ Church, Oxford, elected from Westminster; Busby Trustee 3 May 1804; m. 2 Jan 1804 Mary, only dau. of Rev. William Sheepshanks, Minister of St. John’s, Leeds, and Prebendary of Lincoln and Carlisle; d. 13 Sep 1846. DNB.

By an indenture dated 17 Feb 1842 he gave £10,000 3 per cent Consolidated Bank Annuities, which, by an indenture dated 13 Feb 1843, he afterwards increased to £20,000, to trustees, the income from which was to be applied “to found certain exhibitions (the same to continue after his own death and that of his wife) for the better education and advancement in sound learning and religious knowledge of such Students of [Christ Church, Oxford] elected from Westminster School, as have their own way to make in the world”. In 1846 he gave £200 towards the fund for the improvement of the College Dormitory. In addition he gave the set of scenery for the Play which was in use from 1808 until 1858.

Carleton, John Dudley, 1908-1974

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  • Person
  • 1908-1974

Carleton, John Dudley, son of Brig.-Gen. Frederick Montgomerie Carleton DSO, of Butler's Marston, Warks, and Emma Gwendolen Priscilla, d. of Sampson Samuel Lloyd of Dolobran, Montgom.; b. 29 Aug. 1908; adm. Jan. 1922 (H); left July 1927; Merton Coll. Oxf., matric. 1927, BA 1930, MA 1947; an asst master at the school 1932-49; War Office (attd Special Forces) 1941- 5; appointed Under Master Election 1949 (on the revival of that office); Head Master 29 June 1957 to 31 Aug. 1970; chairman Westminster Sch. Soc. Council 1946-57; a Busby Trustee 1969-74; pres. Elizabethan Club 1974; author of Westminster 1938, Westminster School 1965; m. 5 Aug. 1965 Janet Buchanan, writer under the name of Janet Adam Smith, d. of Very Rev. Sir George Adam Smith DD, Principal of Aberdeen Univ., and widow of Michael Roberts, Prin­cipal of Coll. of St Mark & St John, Chelsea; d. 6 Nov. 1974.

Christie, John Traill, 1899-1980

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  • Person
  • 1899-1980

Son of Charles Henry Fehler Christie DLJP, of Ongar, Essex, and Margaret Eleanor, d. of Rev. Charles Samuel Palmer, Canon of Hereford; b. 19 Oct. 1899; ed. Winchester Coll. (schol.) and Trinity Coll. Oxf. (schol.); BA 1922 (1st class Hons Lit. Hum.), MA 1928; asst master Rugby Sch. 1922-8; Fellow and Tutor Magd. Coll. Oxf. 1928-32; HM Repton Sch. 1932-7; succeeded as Head Master of the School Apr. 1937; presided over the six years of evacuation during WW2 at Lancing, Exeter, and Bromyard, Herefordshire; retd 1950; Principal of Jesus Coll. Oxf. 1950-67, Hon. Fellow 1967; taught Classics at the School 1967-9; m. 1933 Lucie Catherine, d. of Thomas Philip Le Fanu CB, of Bray, Ireland; died 8 Sept. 1980.

Costley-White, Harold, 1878-1966

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  • Person
  • 1878-1966

Son of Robert William Costley-White and Jessie Maria, d. of Thomas Arnold Marten JP, of Swansea; b. 9 Nov. 1878; ed. Malvern Coll. and Balliol Coll. Oxf. (schol.); BA 190 l , MA 1904, DD 1924; ord. priest 1903; asst master Sherborne Sch. 1901-3, Rugby Sch. 1903-10 and 1915-7; HM Bradfield Coll. 1910-4, Principal Liverpool Coll. 1917-9; succeeded as Head Master of the School Sept. 1919, retd Mar. 1937; Canon of Westminster 1936-8; Dean of Gloucester 1938-53; Select Preacher Camb. Univ. 1927 and 1938, Oxf. Univ. 1929-31; Chaplain to H M the King 1932-8; m. 3 Jan. 1913 Constance Hope Hewetson Guest, d. of Sir Alfred Washington Guest Ranger Kt, of South Crovdon, Surrev; died 5 Apr. 1966.

Derham, Patrick Sibley Jan, 1959-present

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  • Person
  • 1959-present

Son of John Joseph Sibley Derham and Helena Petronella Verhagen; b. 23 Aug. 1959; ed. Training Ship Arethusa, Pangbourne Coll., and Pembroke Coll. Camb.; BA 1982, MA 1985; Cheam 1982-4; head of history and tutor Radley Coll. 1984-96; Head Master of Solihull Sch. 1996-2001; Head Master of Rugby Sch. 2001-14; succeeded as Head Master of the School Aug. 2014; Trustee, Arnold Foundation, SpringBoard Bursary Foundation, Gladstone Library; Vice Chair IntoUniversity; co-ed. Liberating Learning Widening Participation (2010), Cultural Olympians (2013); ed. Loyal Dissent (2016); m. 1982 Alison, d. of John Maxwell Sheardown.

Goodenough, Edmund, 1785-1845

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  • Person
  • 1785-1845

GOODENOUGH, EDMUND, son of Samuel Goodenough (qv); b. 6 Apr 1785; adm.; KS (Capt. ) 1797; elected to Christ Church, Oxford 1801, matr. 15 May 1801, Westminster Student, Tutor, Censor; BA 1805; MA 1807; BD 1819; DD 1820; Public Examiner 1811-3; Proctor 1816; Select Preacher 1817; ordained; Perpetual Curate of Cowley, Oxfordshire 1810; Vicar of Warkworth, Northumberland, 18 Jun 1818; Sub-Almoner to the King c. 1820 – c. 1833; Head Master of the School Sep 1819 – Aug 1828; Vicar of Wath-upon-Dearne, Yorks., 1821; Prebendary of York from 23 Jun 1824; Prebendary of Carlisle from 22 Apr 1826; Prebendary of Westminster 2 Jun 1826 – res Sep 1831; Dean of Wells from 6 Sep 1831; FRS 1 Apr 1824; a Busby Trustee from 27 May 1823; m. 31 May 1821 Frances, sister of Charles Robert Cockerell (qv); d. 2 May 1845. DNB.

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