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Beale, Thomas, 1805-?

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  • Person
  • 1805-?

BEALE, THOMAS; b. 2 Jul 1805; adm. 25 May 1818 (Best's); d.

Bury, John Bernard, 1917-2017

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  • Person
  • 1917-2017

Bury, John Bernard, brother of Kenneth de Kay Bury (qv); b. 10 July 1917; adm. Sept. 1930 (G); left July 1935; Balliol Coll. Oxf., matric. 1935; Roy. Signals 1940-5 (Maj. ); joined Shell Group 1947; dir. Shipping Fedn 1955-9; foreign member Portuguese Academy 1962; dir. Shell (Switzerland) 1964-6; Fellow commoner Churchill Coll. Camb. 1972-3; author of various works on Spanish and Italian art and architecture; m. 8 Sept. 1945 Anne Henderson MBE, d. of Duncan Henderson of Willingdon, Sussex; d. 18 Jan. 2017.

Busby, Richard, 1606-1695

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  • Person
  • 1606-1695

BUSBY, RICHARD, second son of Richard Busby, Lutton, otherwise Sutton St. Nicholas, Lincs., and ---, sister of Henry Robinson, Westminster ; b. 22 Sep 1606 ; adm. ; KS (Capt.) ; elected to Christ Church, Oxford 1624, matr. 10 Feb 1625/6, Westminster Student to 1661, Tutor 1632-7 ; BA 1628 (incorp.Camb.1628) ; MA 1631 ; DD 1660 ; acted the part of Cratander in Cartwright’s Royal Slave before the King and Queen at Christ Church 30 Aug 1636, with great success ; ordained ; appointed Head Master of the School in the place of Lambert Osbaldeston (qv) in 1638/9, but not confirmed in that office until 23 Dec 1640 ; Prebendary of Wells and Rector of Cudworth, Somerset, 1 Jul 1639 ; ejected from his stall and rectory during the Commonwealth, but was allowed to retain his Studentship at Christ Church and his post at Westminster ; there is no evidence that he took either the Covenant or the Engagement, and of his loyalty both to Church and King there is no question ; Robert South (qv) relates that “the King was publicly prayed for in this school but an hour or two (at most) before his sacred head was struck off”, while John Owen, Dean of Christ Church, used often to say that “it would never be well with the nation till this School was suppressed” (Sermons preached upon several occasions by Robert South, 1865, i, 420-32) ; his chief trouble during the Commonwealth seems to have been with the Under Master, Edward Bagshaw (qv), who was eventually dismissed from the School by the Governors, May 1658 ; restored as Prebendary of Wells on the Restoration, also Canon Residentiary and Treasurer from 11 Aug 1660 ; Proctor in Convocation, Diocese of Bath and Wells ; Prebendary of Westminster from 5 Jul 1660, Treasurer 1660-72, Archdeacon from 1672 ; carried the ampulla at the Coronation of Charles II, 23 Apr 1661, and the orb and cross at the Coronation of James II, 23 Apr 1685 ; a great schoolmaster and a most successful teacher ; “the soil”, says Steele, “which he manured, always grew fertile” ; gained the respect and veneration of his pupils in spite of his excessive use of the birch ; his chair is preserved up School, and many of the books which he bequeathed to the School are still in the Busby Library, built by him at his own expense ; the Busby Trustees, thirteen in number and always OWW, still carry out the charitable trusts of his will for the benefit of the poorer clergy and others ; author, Graecae Grammaticae Rudimenta, 1663, and other books for the use of the School ; d. unm. 5 Apr 1695 ; buried in the Choir, Westminster Abbey, in front of the steps leading to the Sacrarium, under the black and white marble pavement of which he was the donor ; monument by Bird in Poet’s Corner. DNB ; see also G.F.Russell Barker, Memoir of Richard Busby, 1695.

Cadogan, Charles Henry Sloane, 1749-1832

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  • 1749-1832

CADOGAN, CHARLES HENRY SLOANE, 2nd EARL CADOGAN, eldest son of Charles Cadogan, 1st Earl Cadogan, Master of the Mint, and his first wife Hon.Frances Bromley, daughter of Henry Bromley, 1st Baron Montfort ; great-nephew of William Cadogan, 1st Earl Cadogan (qv) ; b. 29 Nov 1749 ; at school under Markham (he writes, in a letter of 20 Mar 1789 (House of Lords Record Office) to his brother Hon.William Bromley Cadogan (qv), in reference to deficiencies in his education, that “I now wish that I had remained longer with you at Westminster”) ; Ensign, 3rd Foot Guards 1762 ; Lieut., 31 May 1769 ; Capt. (by 1770) ; 61st Foot, 18 Jun 1778 - Jul 1780 ; contested Cambridge 1774 ; by the autumn of 1775 his friend Rev.William Cole records that Cadogan had “fallen ill of a malady [incipient mental problems ?] of which there was no great prospect of his getting the better of” ; Grand Tour 1783-90 (France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Poland) ; declared lunatic 2 Feb 1800, it being found that he had been out of his mind since 1 Jan 1793 ; styled Viscount Chelsea 1800-7 ; succ. father as 2nd Earl Cadogan 3 Apr 1807 ; did not take seat in House of Lords ; d.unm. 23 Dec 1832.

Gillway & Co.

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  • 1749-

Grant's was opened as an independent boarding house by Mrs Margaret Grant, or Mother Grant I, in 1749, when keeping boarders was one of the few respectable occupations for middle-class women. The house continued under the Grants’ management until Mrs Dixon, the last of the family, sold the building to the then housemaster, Charles Alfred Jones in 1868. As well as income from the sale of the house, Mrs Dixon also had a share of the profits of Dixon's antibilious pills, the world-famous 'pill to cure all ills'.

Many traditions survive at Westminster, but one that has been discontinued at Grant’s is the custom that saw new boarders ‘walk the mantelpiece’ in Hall. Lawrence Tanner, a pupil who kept a thorough diary of his time at Westminster, records his own experience of walking the mantelpiece here.

Grantites of particular interest include Lord John Russell (1792-1878), a Whig and Liberal Prime Minister and keen reformist; Charles Longley (1794-1868), Archbishop of Canterbury; Edgar Adrian (1899- 1977), winner of the Nobel Prize for Physiology; the actor John Gielgud (1904-2000) and Dominic Grieve MP (1956-).

Green, John Francis (1822-1834)

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  • 1822-1834

GREEN, JOHN FRANCIS, brother of Thomas Green (qv, adm. 1832); b. 9 Oct 1822; bapt. 17 Nov 1822 at Badbury, Northants; adm. 28 May 1834 (Scott's); d. 27 Aug 1834.

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