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Neate, Richard, ca. 1738-1817

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  • Person
  • ca. 1738-1817

NEATE, RICHARD, son of Richard Neate, Horbury, Yorks., and Mary (probably Fletcher) (IGI); b.; adm. (aged 8) Jan 1745/6; KS 1749; elected to Trinity Coll. Cambridge 1753, adm. pens. 20 Jun 1753, scholar 3 May 1754; LLB 1759; ordained deacon 1 Jun 1760, priest 21 Dec 1760 (both London); Curate, Finchley, Middlesex; of Whetstone, Finchley, Middlesex; JP Middlesex, Hertfordshire; m. Anne ---; d. 10 Jan 1817.

Power, Thomas, ca. 1660-1698

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  • Person
  • ca. 1660-1698

POWER, THOMAS, son of Thomas Power, London; b. ; adm. ; KS 1672 ; elected to Trinity Coll. Cambridge 1678, adm. pens. 26 Jun 1678, aged 18, scholar 1679, matr.1679 ; BA 1681/2; MA 1685; Fellow, Trinity Coll., from 1684, Tutor 1686-92 (he evidently retained his Fellowship until his death, despite his departure for the West Indies); ordained deacon 16 Feb 1689/90, priest 22 May 1692 (both Rochester); Preacher, Bermuda 28 Mar 1693; accompanied John Goddard, newly appointed Lieut.-Governor of Bermuda, on his voyage out there in 1693, arriving in Bermuda 10 Aug 1693, where he found himself the only Church of England clergyman (see letter from Power to Rev. Dr. (James) Blair (DD), 24 Aug 1693, preserved in Trinity Coll. Cambridge MS R.2.38); Rector of St. Mary’s, Antigua Jan 1695; latterly Rector of St. John’s, Nevis ; contributed the Twelfth Satire to Dryden’s translation of Juvenal; four items by him are included in the Examen Poeticum, 1698; a Latin verse translation by him of Book I of Milton’s Paradise Lost was published in 1691, and his translations into Latin hexameters of Books II-XII are preserved in the library of Trinity College, Cambridge (Trinity Coll. MS R.2.38 contains a copy of his Latin translation of Books II-VII, while Trinity Coll. C.1.64 (now MS R.2.37) is a copy of the printed folio edition of Paradise Lost, 1688, with an interlinear Latin translation of Books VIII-XII in Power’s hand); understood to have composed a poem on ‘The Sugar-Cane’, but this was never published and no text of it has been located ; d. 14 December 1698 (M.I. St. John’s, Antigua).