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Abrahams, Arthur Charles Lionel, 1898-1918

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  • Person
  • 1898-1918

Abrahams, Arthur Charles Lionel, only son of Sir Lionel Abrahams, K.C. B., of Bayswater, sometime Assistant Under-Secretary of State, India Office, by Lucy, daughter of Nathan Solomon Joseph, of Bayswater, architect; b. Jan. 22, 1898; adm. as a non-resident K.S. Sept. 28, 1911 (G); elected to Ch. Ch. Oxon. July 1916; 2nd Lieut. Coldstream Guards Aug. 24, 1916; went out to the western front in Feb. 1917, and joined the 3rd Batt. of his regiment there; Lieut. Dec. 1, 1917; killed in action at Merville April 13, 1918; unm.

Anketell, Matthew David, 1841-1872

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  • Person
  • 1841-1872

ANKETELL, MATTHEW DAVID, eldest son of Matthew John Anketell, Anketell Grove, co. Monaghan, and Catherine Anne Frances, eldest dau. of David Ker MP, Portavo and Montalto, co. Down; b. 5 Jan 1841; adm. 18 Oct 1851 (G); of Anketell Grove, co. Monaghan; killed by a fall from his horse 17 Jul 1872.

Appleton, Thomas, 1819-?

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  • Person
  • 1819-?

APPLETON, THOMAS; b. 9 Jan 1819; adm. (G) 23 Sep 1828.

Armitage, Robert, 1866-1944

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  • Person
  • 1866-1944

ARMITAGE, ROBERT, eldest son of William James Armitage, Farnley Lodge, Leeds, and Emily, dau. of William Nicholson Nicholson, Roundhay Park, Leeds, and sister of William Gustavus Nicholson, 1st Baron Nicholson GCB, Field Marshal in the Army; b. 22 Feb 1866; adm. 22 Jan 1880 (G); left Nov 1883; Trinity Coll. Cambridge, adm. pens. 23 May 1884, matr. Mich. 1884; BA 1888; adm. Inner Temple 12 Jan 1887, called to bar 1 Nov 1889, but did not practise; entered family firm; chairman Farnley Iron Co. Ltd, Brown Bayleys Steel Works Ltd, and other companies; Lord Mayor of Leeds 1904-5; MP (Liberal/Coalition Liberal) Leeds Central 1906-22; m. 1st, 8 Jan 1891 Caroline Katharine, dau. of Dudley Henry Ryder, Westbrook Hay, Hemel Hempstead, Herts.; m. 2nd, 24 Jul 1936, Mary Dorothea, widow of Rev. Edward Bacheler Russell, Vicar of Leyton, Essex, and dau. of Robert Barclay, Hoddesdon, Herts., banker; d. 10 Feb 1944.

Bankes, William George Hawtrey, 1838-1858

  • GB-2014-WSA-02598
  • Person
  • 1838-1858

BANKES, WILLIAM GEORGE HAWTREY, fifth son of George Bankes (qv); b. 11 Sep 1838; adm. (G) 3 Apr 1850; a great friend of Francis Markham (qv), who mentions him frequently in Recollections of a Town Boy at Westminster; Trinity Coll. Cambridge, adm. 7 Mar 1856, did not matr.; Cornet, 7th Hussars 3 Mar 1857; d. at Lucknow 6 Apr 1858, from wounds received at Raptee 19 Mar; received posthumous award of Victoria Cross.

Barwell, William, 1740-?

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  • Person
  • 1740-?

BARWELL, WILLIAM, son of William Barwell, EICS Bengal, Governor of Bengal, a director of the East India Company, and his third wife Elizabeth Pierce, Calcutta; bapt. 13 Oct 1740; adm. (aged 9) Jan 1749/50 (G); in school list 1754.

Batley, Ralph Cecil, 1862-1917

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  • Person
  • 1862-1917

BATLEY, RALPH CECIL, brother of John Armytage Batley (qv); b. 2 Dec 1862; adm. (G) 26 Jan 1872; left Aug 1881; Trinity Coll. Cambridge, adm. pens. 10 Oct 1881, matr. Mich. 1881; BA and LLB 1884; adm. Lincoln’s Inn 26 Jan 1882; adm. solicitor 1887; went out to South Africa; served in Matabele War, 1893, with Salisbury Horse, and with Rhodesian Horse in rising of 1895-7; returned to England 1897; commissioned Dorset Yeomanry 17 Nov 1897; served with Imperial Yeomanry in South African War 1900-1; wounded at Diamond Hill 12 Jun 1900; afterwards employed as Civil Commissioner for Pretoria and district; Hon. Capt. in Army 26 Jul 1901; despatches L. G. 10 Sep 1901; Maj., Dorset Yeomanry, 12 Apr 1902; medically unfit for foreign service when regiment ordered to Gallipoli, and given command of 3rd line Dorset Yeomanry battalion; res. on account of ill-health 24 Jan 1917; TD 1917; m. 14 Jun 1904 Mabel Gwynnedd Terry, youngest dau. of Arthur James Lewis, Moray Lodge, Campden Hill, Kensington; d. 23 Oct 1917.

Biddulph, Victor Roundell George, 1897-1916

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  • Person
  • 1897-1916

Biddulph, Victor Roundell George, only son of George Tournay Biddulph, of Petersham, Surrey, banker, by Lady Sarah Wilfreda Palmer, youngest daughter of Roundell, 1st Earl of Selborne; b. May 24, 1897; adm. Sept. 28, 1911 (G); left Easter 1914; joined the Inns of Court O. T. C. April 8, 1915; 2nd Lieut. 5th Batt. (Reserve) the Rifle Brigade Aug. 11, 1915; went out to the western front July 12, 1916, and was attached 8th Batt.; killed in action on the Somme Sept. 15, 1916; unm.

Borough, Gerard Charles, 1807-1835

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  • Person
  • 1807-1835

BOROUGH, GERARD CHARLES, brother of Sir Edward Richard Borough, Bart. (qv); b. 31 Jul 1807; adm. (G) 16 Jan 1816; absent Bartholomewtide 1816 - 11 Jan 1820; left Christmas 1822; Ensign, 39th Foot, 12 Aug 1824; Lieut., 17 Sep 1825; Capt., 5 Oct 1832; d. at Bangalore, Mysore, India, 4 Nov 1835.

Bosanquet, James Whatman, 1804-1877

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  • Person
  • 1804-1877

BOSANQUET, JAMES WHATMAN, brother of Samuel Richard Bosanquet (qv); b. 26 Jan 1804; adm. (G) 22 Sep 1814; left Christmas 1817; entered his father’s bank in Lombard Street, of which he became a partner; one of HM Lieutenants, City of London; JP Middlesex; author, Chronology of the times of Daniel, Ezra and Nehemiah, 1848, and other works on biblical and Assyrian chronology; m. 1st, 16 May 1840 Merelina, only dau. of Right Hon. Sir Nicholas Conyngham Tindal PC, Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas; m. 2nd, 15 Jul 1854 Frances Georgiana Elizabeth, elder dau. of Lord John Thomas Henry Somerset (qv); m. 3rd, 25 Aug 1864 Emily Dorothy, dau. of Lieut. -Col. James Best, Park House, Boxley, Kent; d. 22 Dec 1877. DNB.

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