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The Busby Library by G.R. Sarjent

Watercolour painting of the Busby Library. Pencil and watercolour on paper, resembles the Busby Library today, except that the ceiling and presses are now replicas of these, and the presses lack the metal bars; a scholar stands in the middle of the room and another sits in the corner, Busby's chair is in the middle of the room; desks line the walls. Glazed with glass Previously referenced as P0001/72

Sarjent, George Reid, c.1788-1855

The Abbey Cloister

A view of the East Cloister of the Abbey, looking North towards the Dark Cloister; two men in clerical robes are talking in the middle ground; a couple in the background walk arm-in-arm towards the entrance to the Dark Cloister, tools and an apron are lying on the right of the foreground.

Yard and Arch by Albany Wiseman

Yard, facing East. A man in clerical robe and surplice and three scholars in formal dress and surplices are in the right foreground. Two men talk in the left foreground, one in red clerical robe and surplice. Two boys can be seen at the top of the stairs up School.

Wiseman, Albany

Rowing Eight

Watercolour of a rowing eight sitting at front-stops; to the right foreground floats a buoy, to the left two little rowing boats of spectators. In the background are trees and buildings, to the left a bridge, presumably Putney Bridge.

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