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Financial records of the club. N.B. Termly payments were payed by pupils' parents whilst at school so they could gain life time membership of the club when they left.

Elizabethan Club Papers

Collection relating to the Elizabethan Club. Contains Minute Books of not only the General Committee, but also the Entertainment. Games and Annual General meetings and Old Westminster Football Club. Includes Reports and Rules of the Club. These state the rules of the Club, also give annual reports and accounts as well as a list of members. Also contains a limited number of financial records including ledgers of termly payments and correspondence with banks. Some records of social events also survive detailing arrangements for annual dinners. The collection is incomplete with most records coming from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Elizabethan Club

Jane Orr

How did you come to attend Westminster School (WS). Went to Francis Holland School (FHS) Sloane Square – an artsy school so not sufficient to study Physics and Chemistry A-Level. At Sixth Form girls often went to FHS Regents Park or St Paul’s Girls School. Relationship with WS for drama. Came on her own in 1967. [1,29] Brother was in Wrens 2 years below. Still studied maths at FHS. [1,44] First impressions. Much larger. Boys seemed very young, with 13 and 14 year olds in the class as they were scholarship. [3,00] Reaction of boys to have you in lessons. Good relationships with ones in class. College Hall - others who didn’t know her would show off, naïve. [3,46] separate table for Jewish boys. Sat with them to have intelligent conversation at lunch. [4,15] Treatment from masters. Good chemistry master. Some peculiar characters. [5,03] top set Physics, flamboyant teacher D. Hepburne-Scott. Keen on trains. Liked him at the time. [5,27] Old reports. Reveal he was quite damning of female capability, made disparaging misogynistic comments about her intellect and female domesticity. [6,56] Housemaster Mr Ross was embarrassed by this. [7,48] some positive comments, eventually acknowledged her potential, but still made allowances due to her sex. [8,58] academic standard. Teaching style was completely different. [9,46] whole a-level syllabus in 1 year. Exploring things that were interesting outside of the syllabus. Nuffield Chemistry. [10,43] teaching was eye opening. Responded to it well. [11,00] preparation of WS for university. Went into medicine. Accepted institutional sexism – 70 places for boys and 7 for girls. Gained confidence at WS, and got a scholarship at medical school. [12,13] joined the army after qualification. 350 medical officers, 9 women. Learnt to be gender-blind. [13,05] other characteristics gained from WS. Enjoying learning for the sake of education. Appreciated the leeway. [14,45] didn’t spend much time in school outside of lessons, as was only half at the school. Used 4 Barton Street sitting room and bathroom. Would spend half a day at each school. [15,35] time in St James’s Park in summer. Went home to Holland Park. Didn’t socialise much with the boys. [16,44] no facilities for girls. She was attached to Wren’s. Used staff toilet. School was experimenting with having female pupils, after she left, a couple of FHS girls arrived. Didn’t work financially to be under this setup. [18,00] fees at FHS were £90 per term. £150 per term at WS. Parents had to pay both schools. [18,53] would recommend it to girls at the time. Teaching is invaluable. Put into practice. Comfort being in an unusual situation, pushed the boundaries. [19,48] friendships with the boys. Didn’t last. Never invited to be an Old Westminster – institutional sexism. Didn’t feel fully part of the school. [21,01] met some who did medicine. Nearly all 3 years younger – started later as even though they’d got their qualifications they were too young. [22,38] difference between hers and her brother’s experience. Brother expelled for trying to set the school on fire and went to Marlborough. Similar friends. Didn’t compare experiences much. [23,41] no uniform at FHS Sixth Form, and none at WS. [24,26] WS customs. The Greaze. Unique slang to other schools. [25,19] difference to FHS atmospherically. Change in Sixth Form environment in itself at both schools. Only girl doing A-Level Maths at FHS. Good teaching, different as learning with people who were doing subjects they had chosen and had a passion for, as opposed to that they were forced to do. [26,42] assumption at WS that you were quick learners and would understand. Take things to a greater depth than required. Assuming interest. [27,46] Boys more politically engaged. Intellectual conversations at meals, but this was at FHS. [28,50] Didn’t show off their wealth, but also a lot of wealth at FHS. A level of class was assumed. Image proposed by the school changed in recent years. [30,49] pleased that WS accepted girls. Good for both sexes. For girls, especially in the 60s, beneficial to compete healthily in academics. [32,06] school reports. [33,36] impromptu trip in Physics to see the Flying Scotsman make its last ever scheduled run from King’s Cross. Went by tube, packed platform. More liberal teaching.

Personal Papers of S.J. Steele

-'Rowing at Westminster (1813-1883)' with inscription 'Stuart J. Steele from C.H.(?) Fisher' [Moved to reference library]

-W.S.B.C. Almanac & Tide Table Election Term 1946
-3 x W.S.B.C. Almanac & Tide Table Election Term 1948
-9 x postcards marked with rowing scores
-Water result written on paper with Busby's letterhead by C.H. Fisher
-31 x notices displayed on noticeboard to announce race line-ups, written on paper with Westminster School letterhead. Some updated with results of the race. Dated, but not with year. Handwritten by S.J. Steele.
-Typed Head of the River Race for Schools list of competitors 1946
-Handwritten Inter-Schools Regatta results. 26/07/1948
-Letter from C.H. Fisher requesting contributions to the W.S.B.C, dated June 1947
-Letter from C.H. Fisher to S.J. Steele, dated 18/06/1948
-Letter from C.H. Fisher to S.J. Steele, dated 08/01/1958
-Marlow Regatta Programme, June 21st 1947
-Programme of concert held at Christopher Whitehead School, March 25th 1944
-Programme of concert held at Royal College of Music, December 13th 1945
-Programme of concert held at Royal College of Music, December 7th 1946
-Programme for 'Everyman', dated 'Good Friday, 1948'
-Programme of Westminster School concert held July 23rd 1948
-Programme for 'Housemaster', presented by Westminster at Buckenhill. Undated.
-Programme for 'Hamlet', presented by Westminster at Buckenhill. Undated.
-Programme for 'Hamlet', presented by Homeboarders, Ashburnham and Busby's, December 18th and 19th 1942
-Programme for 'Ten Minute Alibi', presented by Homeburnham Players from Buckenhill. Friday 2nd April 1943.
-Programme for 'King Lear', presented by Westminster School Houses at Buckenhill. December 17th and 18th 1943.
-Programme for 'The Admirable Crichton', presented by Busby's. Undated.
-Ticket for 'The Admirable Crichton', presented by Busby's. Undated.
-School Store accounts detailing purchases, 1943-1944
-List of uniform for Westminster boys evacuated to Hereford
-Westminster School Clothes List 1945
-Spotter's Club membership card, dated January 23rd 1944
-Expenses and produce lists for Buckenhill Garden 1941-1942
-Letter 'To parents of Westminster boys at Buckenhill' from J.T. Christie, dated September 21st, 1944
-Cartoon clipped from Daily Mail depicting Westminster School

Steele, Stuart James

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