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Wilkes, John, 1737-1787

  • GB-2014-WSA-18134
  • Person
  • 1737-1787

WILKES, JOHN, eldest son of Nathaniel Wilkes, Lofts Hall, Essex, and Elizabeth, dau. of Andrew Hope, Norton Folgate, London, brewer; nephew of John Wilkes MP; bapt. New Broad Street Independent Chapel 17 Jun 1737 (IGI); adm. (aged 14) Jan 1752 (Morel's); Hertford Coll. Oxford, matr. 31 Oct 1755; adm. Gray’s Inn 16 Nov 1757; High Sheriff, Essex 1764; d. 14 Feb 1787.

Wilkes, Hope, 1738-1803

  • GB-2014-WSA-18133
  • Person
  • 1738-1803

WILKES, HOPE, brother of John Wilkes (qv); bapt. New Broad Street Independent Chapel 21 Sep 1738 (IGI); adm. (aged 13) Jan 1752 (Morel's); of Lofts Hall, Essex; m. 6 Dec 1768 Martha Anne, dau. of Rev. Robert Fiske, Rector of Wendens Ambo, Essex; d. 24 Oct 1803.

Watson-Wentworth, William, 1728-1739

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  • Person
  • 1728-1739

WATSON-WENTWORTH, WILLIAM, VISCOUNT HIGHAM, fourth son of Thomas Watson-Wentworth, 1st Earl of Malton KB (afterwards 1st Marquis of Rockingham), Wentworth Woodhouse, Yorks., Lord Lieut., Yorkshire West Riding, and Lady Mary Finch, fourth dau. of Daniel Finch, 2nd Earl of Nottingham and 6th Earl of Winchilsea (qv), and his second wife; bapt. 2 Sep 1728; adm. (aged 9) Apr 1738 (Morel's); d. 16 Aug 1739.

Watson-Wentworth, Charles, 1730-1782

  • GB-2014-WSA-17788
  • Person
  • 1730-1782

WATSON-WENTWORTH, CHARLES, 2ND MARQUIS OF ROCKINGHAM, brother of William Watson-Wentworth, Viscount Higham (qv); b. 13 May 1730; adm. Apr 1738 (Morel's); styled Viscount Higham 1739-46, Earl of Malton 1746-50; it is related that on one occasion while he was at school he “dressed himself up in a hoop and petticoat” and hiring a sedan chair called upon Dr. Nicoll, the Head Master, and asked to be shown over the School (Mrs Stirling, ed., The Hothams, ii, 16); served as a volunteer under the Duke of Cumberland during the insurrection of 1745-6 (Lord Albemarle, Fifty Years of my Life, 1876, ii, 331-2); Grand Tour (Italy, Germany) 1748-50; created Earl of Malton (I) 17 Sep 1750; succ. father as 2nd Marquis of Rockingham 14 Dec 1750; a Lord of the Bedchamber 18 Jul 1751 – Oct 1762; Lord Lieut., Yorkshire West Riding 18 Jul 1751 – 25 Feb 1763, and from 12 Sep 1765; Vice-Adm., Yorkshire 1755- Jan 1763 and from 1776; KG 6 May 1760; bearer of sceptre and orb at Coronation of George III 22 Sep 1761; resigned from Bedchamber Oct 1762 and dismissed from Lieutenancy and Vice-Admiralty of Yorkshire Jan-Feb 1763; on Pitt’s refusal of office in Jul 1765 Rockingham formed a new administration; Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury 10 Jul 1765 – Jul 1766; Privy Councillor 10 Jul 1765; annoyed George III by repealing the Stamp Act, refusing allowances to the King’s brothers, and condemning General Warrants; dismissed from office Jul 1766; led opposition in House of Lords 1767-82; declared for the independencve of the American Colonies, and supported Sir George Savile’s bill for the partial enfranchisement of Roman Catholics; formed his second ministry in Mar 1782; Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury from 27 Mar 1782; conceded legislative independence to Ireland and initiated reforms to curtail the power of the Crown; FRS 7 Nov 1751; FSA 13 Feb 1752; member, Society of Dilettanti 1755; Busby Trustee 14 Apr 1763; a prominent Whig politician; a patron of the Turf and owner of Allabaculia, winner of the first St. Leger in 1776; m. 26 Feb 1752 Mary, dau. of Thomas Bright (formerly Liddell), Badsworth, Yorks .; d. 1 Jul 1782. DNB.

Wasey, William John Spearman, 1734-1817

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  • Person
  • 1734-1817

WASEY, WILLIAM JOHN SPEARMAN, son of William Wasey MD, Gerrard Street, Soho, Westminster, Physician to St. George’s Hospital, London, and Margaret, sister of Charles Spearman (qv); bapt. St. Anne, Soho 14 Jan 1734 (IGI); adm. (aged 9) Jan 1742/3 (Morel's); Min. Can. 1747; left 1750; Clare Coll. Cambridge, adm. pens. 9 Jan 1750/1, matr. 1750/1; Cornet, 3rd Dragoons 7 Oct 1756; Sub-Brig. and Cornet, Horse Guards 15 Jul 1757; Brig. and Lieut., 27 Aug 1760; Exempt and Capt., 8 Feb 1765; Guidon and Maj., 14 Nov 1771; Cornet and Maj., 28 Jul 1773; Brevet Lieut. -Col., 29 Aug 1777; 2nd Lieut. and Lieut. -Col., 9 Jan 1779; ret. 29 Jul 1779; m. 14 Aug 1758 (IGI) his cousin Elizabeth Honoria, dau. of George Spearman, Bishop Middleham, co. Durham; d. 12 Mar 1817.

Tufton, Sackville, 1733-1786

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  • Person
  • 1733-1786

TUFTON, SACKVILLE, 8TH EARL OF THANET, second son of Sackville Tufton, 7th Earl of Thanet, and Lady Mary Savile, second dau. of William Savile, 2nd Marquis of Halifax; b. Aug 1733; adm. (aged 8) Sep 1741 (Morel's); left 1749; Grand Tour (Italy) 1753-4; succ. father as 8th Earl of Thanet 4 Dec 1753; DL Yorkshire West Riding 1757; m. 30 Apr 1767 Mary, dau. of Lord John Philip Sackville (qv); d. at Nice 10 Apr 1786.

Tollemache, Lionel, 1734-1799

  • GB-2014-WSA-16924
  • Person
  • 1734-1799

TOLLEMACHE, LIONEL, 5TH EARL OF DYSART (S), third son of Lionel Tollemache, 4th Earl of Dysart (qv); b. 6 Aug 1734; styled Lord Huntingtower 1734-70; adm. Jul 1744 (Morel's); succ. father as 5th Earl of Dysart (S) 10 Mar 1770; m. 1st, 2 Oct 1760 Charlotte, natural dau. of Hon. Sir Edward Walpole KB; m. 2nd, 29 Apr 1791 Magdalene, dau. of David Lewis, Malvern Hall, Warwickshire; d. 20 Feb 1799.

Sutton, Robert, ca. 1729-?

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  • Person
  • ca. 1729-?

SUTTON, ROBERT; b.; adm. (aged 13) Jun 1742 (Morel's); left 1746.

Sutton, Richard, 1733-?

  • GB-2014-WSA-16514
  • Person
  • 1733-?

SUTTON, SIR RICHARD, BART., brother of John Sutton (adm. 1740/1, qv); b. 31 Jul 1733; adm. Jan 1743/4 (Morel's); the friend of William Cowper (adm. 1742, qv), with whom he read through the Iliad and the Odyssey when at school (Southey, Cowper, i, 106); Trinity Coll. Cambridge, adm. pens, 25 Jan 1749/50, scholar 11 may 1750, readm. as fellow commoner 11 Nov 1751, matr. 1750; MA 1753; when he went up to Trinity Coll. Warburton introduced him by letter to Hurd as “a perfect boy, in the simplicity of his manners, but of surprizing acquirements. Besides his knowledge of the ancient languages he speaks and writes Spanish and French with great exactness, understands Italian, and is now learning High Dutch” (Nichols, Literary Anecdotes, v, 542, note); probably Grand Tour (at Capua with brother John in 1753 ?); adm. Middle Temple 21 Aug 1754; migr. to Inner Temple 9 Feb 1759, called to bar 29 Jun 1759, sold chambers there 12 Jun 1782; Counsel to Board of Ordnance; Under-Secretary of State Aug 1766 – Sep 1772; a Commissioner of the Privy Seal Feb – Mar 1768; MP St. Albans 1768-80, Sandwich 1780-4, Boroughbridge 1784-96; succeeded brother to Norwood Park estate, Notts., 1772; created baronet 14 Oct 1772; a Lord of the Treasury 6 Sep 1780 – Mar 1782; m. 1st, 28 Jun 1765 Susanna, eldest dau. of Philip Champion de Crespigny, Proctor, Court of Arches; m. 2nd, 7 Feb 1767 Anne, dau. of William Peers Williams, Cadhay, Devon; m. 3rd, 8 Apr 1793 Margaret, dau. of John Porter, Wandsworth, Surrey; d. 10 Jan 1802.

Sutton, John, ca. 1730-1772

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  • Person
  • ca. 1730-1772

SUTTON, JOHN, son of Right Hon. Sir Robert Sutton PC KB MP, Ambassador at Constantinople and Paris, and Judith, widow of Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl of Sunderland (qv), and dau. of Benjamin Tichborne, Tichborne, Hampshire; b.; adm. (aged 10) Jan 1740/1 (Morel's); left 1743; Christ Church, Oxford, matr. 31 Mar 1747; probably Grand Tour (a John Sutton and a Richard Sutton, divinably his younger brother Sir Richard Sutton, Bart. (qv), were at Capua, Italy, in 1753); of Norwood Park, Notts.; m. 5 Mar 1759 (IGI) Evelyn Chadwick; d. 8 Sep 1772.

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