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GB 2014 WS-03-PIC-010/08 · Item · 20th Century
Part of Westminster School's Archive and Collections

Yard, facing East. A man in clerical robe and surplice and three scholars in formal dress and surplices are in the right foreground. Two men talk in the left foreground, one in red clerical robe and surplice. Two boys can be seen at the top of the stairs up School.

Wiseman, Albany
GB 2014 WS-03-PIC-001/63 · Item · 1811
Part of Westminster School's Archive and Collections

Three-quarters length portrait of Vincent facing to the left of the portrait, seated wearing a black silk cassock; he sits on a Gainsborough chair covered in red with fluted arms; his right hand sits in his pocket, his left on the chair arm; a medallion, the Order of the Bath, hangs from a red ribbon round his neck; in the bottom-right of the picture is a globe; on the left is an open Bible and a scroll, upon which the name of the artist and the date 1811 are written.

Owen, William, 1769-1825