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The Latin Play
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Production of the Latin Play

Papers relating to the arrangements for the production and performance of the Latin Play. Includes cast lists, sketches and drawings for scenery, Epilogues and Prologues spoken at performances of the play and samples of programmes and tickets for the play. Also includes lists of names and addresses of individuals to receive tickets, production notes covering all aspects of rehearsal and performance and draft seating plans and arrangements for individual performances.

Cast Lists

Lists of parts with names of cast for Latin Plays; some seem to be draft copies and others are final versions. The sub-series is incomplete.

Old Man

Pen and watercolour drawing of man in classical clothing. An annotation at the foot of the drawing reads 'Old Man: Tunic of Pallium.' Possibly a design drawing for the 'authentic' costumes introduced by Head Master Richard Williamson's from 1839.

Henry Mordaunt Clavering to John Benn

Adding his name to JB's in the petition to the Dean of Westminster (Buckland) not to cancel the Latin Play, appreciated as much by town boys as by the scholars (who did the actual acting). (Both HMC and JB appear in the petition A0019/D3FK7.) Quote from Terence Eunuchus. In relation to this asks for address of Thomas Trebeck. Desirable for schools to employ only old boys, in order that frivolous but harmless traditions can be maintained - e.g. Liddell, educated at Charterhouse, has been trying to stop or at least control the Greaze. Pulteney (see 24) visits often, but this will stop for a while as he is visiting a son who has a rich living in Lincolnshire and hunts and shoots - quote from The Chase by William Somerville. Has been reading a Life of Watson, Bishop of LLandaff, father of a KS of 1777 (not so, according to the Record), and also the reminiscences of their fencing coach, Henry Angelo (in a room in Dean's Yard rented from William Pierce, teacher of book-keeping and arithmetic).

Clavering, Henry Mordaunt, 1766-1850

Henry Mordaunt Clavering to John Benn

Has not forwarded the name of Thomas Trebeck (see 7 and 29) to the committee established to support the play (see 29), since Bull wrote that he did not know if he was still alive. Pulteney reports that cricket balls are now bowled so violently that players must be padded. On translations of Terence - thinks that new translations should appear every 50 years to reflect changing idiom. Westminster said to be improving under new Head Master (see 29) - hopes that he will keep the best of the old customs, such as fagging (what hardship is it to carry 2 or 3 hats on one's shoulders to Tothill Fields, or to blow on a fire?). On the import of cattle and sheep by railroad from the interior of Germany and its negligible effect on London meat prices, and on the state of the potato harvest. To assist his French a Frenchwoman comes in three times a week to read Molieres to him out loud.

Clavering, Henry Mordaunt, 1766-1850

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