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Andrews, Robert, 1732-1793

  • GB-2014-WSA-02165
  • Person
  • 1732-1793

ANDREWS, ROBERT, son of Robert Andrews, Grosvenor Street, London, attorney, agent for the Grosvenor estate in Mayfair, and Margaret, second dau. of Robert Pigot, Eaton, Cheshire; b. 1 Sep 1732; adm. Apr 1742 (Morel's); KS 1747; elected to Christ Church, Oxford 1751, matr. 5 Jun 1751, Westminster Student 24 Dec 1751 – void 12 Apr 1759 (expiry year of grace as V. Hooe); BA 1755; MA 1758; ordained deacon 13 Jun 1756, priest 5 Jun 1757 (both Oxford); Domestic Chaplain to John, 5th Baron Berkeley of Stratton, 24 Jul 1756; Vicar of Wartling, Sussex, from 6 May 1758; Vicar of Hooe, Sussex 3 Jun 1758-71; Vicar of Westham, Sussex from 20 May 1771; Rector of Broadwater, Sussex; Domestic Chaplain to Charles Compton, 7th Earl of Northampton (qv) 27 Apr 1759; m. 25 Apr 1758 (IGI) Sarah, sister of George Hawkins (KS 1759, qv); d. 25 Mar 1793.

Beckingham, Stephen, ca. 1730-1813

  • GB-2014-WSA-02945
  • Person
  • ca. 1730-1813

BECKINGHAM, STEPHEN, son of Stephen Beckingham, St. Giles [check], London, member Corporation of Cursitors, and Mary, dau. of Joseph Cox, Kidderminster, Worcs., attorney; b.; adm. (aged 13) Jan 1743/4 (Morel's); left 1748; Trinity Coll. Oxford, matr. 9 Jul 1748; adm. Lincoln’s Inn 9 Sep 1748; Grand Tour (Germany, Italy) 1751-3; Leipzig Univ. 1751; of Bishopsbourne Park, Kent; m. 1758 Dorothy [or Mary : check], dau. of John Sawbridge, Olantigh, Kent; d. 12 Oct 1813.

Bennett, Richard Henry Alexander, ca. 1743-1814

  • GB-2014-WSA-03060
  • Person
  • ca. 1743-1814

BENNETT, RICHARD HENRY ALEXANDER, only son of Bennett Alexander Bennett (qv); stepson of Richard Bull (qv); b.; adm. (aged 9) Jun 1752 (Morel's); in school list 1754; MP Newport (Cornwall) 12 Feb 1770-4; of North Court, Shorwell, Isle of Wight; FSA 20 Jun 1765; FRS 10 Dec 1767; m. 20 Jan 1766 Elizabeth Amelia, eldest dau. of Peter Burrell MP, Beckenham, Kent, Surveyor-Gen. of Crown Lands, and sister of Peter Burrell, 1st Baron Gwydir; d. 14 Mar 1814.

Bentham, Jeremy, 1748-1832

  • GB-2014-WSA-00288
  • Person
  • 1748-1832

BENTHAM, JEREMY, son of Jeremiah Bentham, attorney-at-law, Red Lion Street, Houndsditch, London, and his first wife Alicia, widow of --- Whitehorne, and sister of George Woodward Grove (qv); b. 15 Feb 1747/8; adm. 1755; (Morel's according Bentham's memoir); elected KS 1759, but remained a Town Boy; left Aug 1760; Queen’s Coll. Oxford, matr. 28 Jun 1760; BA 1764; MA 1767; adm. Lincoln’s Inn 26 Jan 1763, called to bar 6 Nov 1769; did not practise his profession, but resident in chambers in Middle Temple 1766-9, Lincoln’s Inn from 1769; turned his mind to science and to speculations on politics and jurisprudence; his Fragment on Government, a masterly criticism of Blackstone’s Commentaries, appeared anonymously in 1776; friend and protege of Earl of Shelburne (later 1st Marquis of Lansdowne); a successful promoter of law reform and one of the ablest propagandists of the doctrine of utilitarianism; exercised great influence in the fields of ethics and jurisprudence; his published works were collected and edited by Sir John Bowring and John Hill Burton, in an eleven-volume edition published in 1843; his reminiscences of his school-days at Westminster appear in vol. x, 26-35, where it will be seen that his opinion of the instruction, discipline and usages of the School in his day was by no means flattering; two small MS volumes containing school and college exercises by him are preserved in the School Library; d. unm. 6 Jun 1832; his skeleton is preserved at University Coll., London. DNB.

Bentinck, Lord Edward Charles Cavendish, 1744-1819

  • GB-2014-WSA-03095
  • Person
  • 1744-1819

BENTINCK, LORD EDWARD CHARLES CAVENDISH, brother of William Henry Cavendish-Bentinck, 3rd Duke of Portland (qv); b. 3 Mar 1744; in school list 1754; a boarder at Mrs Morel’s house, where he “occupied as many as two or three rooms” (Bentham, Works, x, 27); Christ Church, Oxford, matr. 7 Nov 1761; Grand Tour (France, Netherlands, Gemany) 1764-6; MP Lewes 23 Dec 1766-8, Carlisle 1768-74, Nottinghamshire 11 Jan 1775-96, Clitheroe 1796-1802; m. 23 Dec 1782 Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Richard Cumberland (qv); d. at Brussels 8 Oct 1819.

Blackwell, Lambert, ca. 1733-1801

  • GB-2014-WSA-03354
  • Person
  • ca. 1733-1801

BLACKWELL, SIR LAMBERT, BART., only son of Sir Charles Blackwell, Bart., and Anne, dau. of Sir William Clayton, Bart., MP; b.; succ. as 3rd baronet 18 Jul 1741; adm. (aged 11) Apr 1744 (Morel's); left 1750; Queen’s Coll. Oxford, matr. 26 Apr 1750; m. at Rotterdam, Netherlands, 19 Oct 1760 (IGI) Amelia, widow of Michael Pope, Whitsun Court, Bristol, and dau. of Col. --- Martin; d. 9 May 1801.

Blizard, Jeremiah, 1734-?

  • GB-2014-WSA-03425
  • Person
  • 1734-?

BLIZARD, JEREMIAH, elder son of Stephen Blizard (qv); bapt. St. George, Antigua 2 Mar 1734; adm. (aged 13) Jan 1747/8 (Morel's); left 1751; Peterhouse, Cambridge, adm. pens. 27 Sep 1751; adm. Gray’s Inn 28 Mar 1753; returned to Antigua, where he became a member of the Assembly; m. 1st, 17 Jul 1759 (IGI) Ann, dau. of Col. John Gunthorpe, a member of the Council of Antigua; m. 2nd, Mary ---; d. in the lifetime of his father.

Boehm, Clement, 1733-1804

  • GB-2014-WSA-03462
  • Person
  • 1733-1804

BOEHM, CLEMENT, only son of Charles Boehm, Serjeant’s Inn, Fleet Street, London, a director of the Bank of England, and Jane, dau. of Richard Du Cane MP, Coggeshall, Essex, director Bank of England; b. 11 Aug 1733; adm. (aged 13) Oct 1747 (Morel's); left 1750; Clare Coll. Cambridge, adm. 25 Mar. 1750, matr. 1750/1; an eccentric character; travelled extensively in Europe, principally on foot, and visited America; d. unm. 9 Jul 1804.

Booth, George, 1745-1757

  • GB-2014-WSA-03515
  • Person
  • 1745-1757

BOOTH, GEORGE, son of Nathaniel Booth, 4th Baron Delamer (qv); b. 1 Mar 1744/5; adm. (aged 7) Jun 1752 (Morel's); in school list 1754; d. 3 Sep 1757.

Bowen, William, ca. 1732-?

  • GB-2014-WSA-03620
  • Person
  • ca. 1732-?

BOWEN, WILLIAM; b.; adm. (aged 9) Apr 1741 (Morel's); left 1747; ? adm. Inner Temple year 1748/9 (check).

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