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Browne, Isaac Hawkins, 1706-1760

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  • Person
  • 1706-1760

BROWNE, ISAAC HAWKINS, son of Rev. William Browne, Vicar of Burton on Trent, Staffs., and Prebendary of Lichfield, and Ann, dau. of Isaac Hawkins; b. 21 Jan 1705-6; in under school lists as Browne 1715-7; adm. (or readm. ) (aged 13) Feb 1719/20, as Isaac Hawkins; Trinity Coll. Cambridge, adm. pens. 12 Sep 1721, matr. Easter 1723; BA 1725/6; adm. Lincoln’s Inn 5 Jun 1722, called to bar 27 Jun 1728; of Badger Hall, Shropshire; MP Wenlock 7 Dec 1744-54; FRS 2 Feb 1749/50; according to Dr Johnson he was “one of the first wits of this country” and “of all conversers the most delightful” (Boswell, Life of Johnson, ed. G. B. Hill, ii, 339); author, De Animi Immortalitate, 1754, and other poems, an edition of which was published by his son in 1768; m. 10 Feb 1744 Jane, dau. of Ven. David Trimnel DD, Archdeacon of Leicester; d. 14 Feb 1760. DNB.

Montagu, Edward Wortley, 1678-1761

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  • Person
  • 1678-1761

MONTAGU, EDWARD WORTLEY, brother of Francis Wortley (qv) ; b. 8 Feb 1678 ; at school under Busby (Steward, Anniversary Dinner 1730/1) ; Trinity Coll. Cambridge, adm. fellow commoner 2 Aug 1693, matr. 1693/4; adm. Middle Temple 25 Jul 1693, Inner Temple 8 Feb 1705/6; Grand Tour (Italy) 1700-1, 1703-4; MP Huntingdon 1705-13, Westminster 1715-22, Huntingdon 1722-34, Peterborough from 1734; a Lord Commissioner of the Treasury 13 Oct 1714 – Oct 1715; Ambassador to Constantinople 5 Jun 1716 – recalled 28 Oct 1717; his appointment was in order to effect a reconciliation between the Emperor and the Turks; returned to England 1718; the friend of Addison and of Steele, who dedicated to him the second volume of The Tatler; satirized by Pope in his Second Satire of the Second Book of Horace; his wife went abroad in 1739, and they did not meet again; lived on his estate at Wharncliffe and devoted himself to amassing money; he seems to have been known both as Edward Wortley and as Edward Wortley Montagu; lic. to m. 12 Aug 1712 Lady Mary Pierrepont (Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, letter writer : see DNB), eldest dau. of Evelyn Pierrepont, 1st Duke of Kingston; d. 22 Jan 1761.

Beckford, Julines, ca. 1711-1764

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  • Person
  • ca. 1711-1764

BECKFORD, JULINES, brother of William Beckford (adm. Jan. 1718/9, qv); b.; adm. (aged 7) Jun 1725; in school list 1731; landowner in Jamaica; purchased Iwerne Stepleton estate, Dorset, 1745; High Sheriff, Dorset 1749; MP Salisbury from 1754; m. 17 Jan 1739 Elizabeth, dau. of Solomon Ashley MP, merchant, London and Ashby St. Ledgers, Northants.; d. 27 Nov 1764.

Dehany, Philip, ca. 1734-1809

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  • Person
  • ca. 1734-1809

DEHANY, PHILIP, son of David Dehany, Bristol, and of Hanover parish, Jamaica, merchant, and Mary, dau. of Matthew Gregory; b.; adm. (aged 9) Jun 1743; left 1752; Trinity Coll. Cambridge, adm. pens. 3 Jul 1752, matr. 1753; one of the committee which revised the laws of cricket at the Star and Garter Hotel, Pall Mall 25 Feb 1774; MP St. Ives 26 Dec 1778-80; purchased Hayes Place estate, Kent 1797; buried Hayes, Kent 6 Nov 1809.

Douglas, John St.Leger, ca. 1732-1783

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  • Person
  • ca. 1732-1783

DOUGLAS, JOHN ST. LEGER, eldest son of John Douglas, St. Kitts, West Indies, and Susanna, widow of Richard Holmes, and dau. of Michael Lambert, Governor of St. Kitts; b.; adm. (aged 10) Jan 1742/3; left 1748; Trinity Coll. Cambridge, adm. fellow commoner 22 Oct 1748, did not matr.; MP Hindon 1768-74, Weobley from 1774; m. 1st; m. 2nd, 30 Dec 1765 Caroline Otway; d. 23 May 1783. [second wife perhaps a sister of Charles Otway (qv)]

Monckton, Robert, 1726-1782

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  • Person
  • 1726-1782

MONCKTON, HON. ROBERT, brother of William Monckton-Arundell, 2nd Viscount Galway (I) (qv); b. 24 Jun 1726; adm. Sep 1737; in school lists 1737-41; Ensign, 3rd Foot Guards 22 Apr 1741; Capt., 34th Foot 27 Jun 1744; Maj., 5 Feb 1746/7; Lieut. -Col., 47th Foot 28 Feb 1751; Col. commandant 60th Foot (Royal American Regt. ), 20 Dec 1757- Oct 1759; Brig. -Gen., 1759; Col., 17th Foot, from 24 Oct 1759; Major-Gen., 20 Feb 1761; Lieut. -Gen., 30 Apr 1770; served in Flanders 1742-5; present at battles of Dettingen and Fontenoy; sent to Nova Scotia 1752; Lieut. -Gov., Annapolis Royal 1754 (still 1769); captured Forts Beauséjour and Gaspereau (renamed Fort Monckton) from the French 1755; Lieut. -Gov., Nova Scotia Dec 1755; second in command of Wolfe’s expedition to Quebec, where he was wounded 13 Sep 1759; Governor and Commander-in-Chief, New York 20 Mar 1761; sailed with Rodney to West Indies and captured Martinique, Grenada, St. Lucia and St. Vincent 1761-2; returned to England 1763; Governor of Berwick-upon-Tweed 14 Jun 1765-78, Portsmouth from 1778; MP Pontefract 26 Nov 1751-4, 24 Mar – 30 Sep 1774, Portsmouth from 10 Aug 1778; d. unm. 3 May 1782. DNB.

Richards, Fitzherbert, ca. 1699-1811

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  • Person
  • ca. 1699-1811

RICHARDS, FITZHERBERT, third son of Rev. Richard [MT admissions give Richard, TCD admissions give Robert] Richards, Dublin; b. Carrickmacross (TCD admissions); adm. (aged 15) Jan 1744/5; left 1746; Trinity Coll. Dublin, matr. 9 Jul 1746, aged 17 (described as pupil of “Mr. Folds”); adm. Middle Temple 16 Nov 1748; MP (I) Lisburn 1776 – still 1784; a Commissioner of Barracks (I) (occurs 1781); non-resident owner of a plantation in Jamaica (Hickey, Memoirs, ii, 55-60). [will of Fitzherbert Richards, Marlborough Buildings, Bath, proved PCC 9 Aug 1811] [TCD admissions also give Robert Richards, son of Rev. Richard Richards, b. co. Monaghan, TCD adm. 11 Apr 1743, aged 15, ed. by “Mr. Folds”, so it seems likely that Fitzherbert Richards’s father’s Christian name was Richard, not Robert]

Fuller, Augustus Eliott, 1777-1857

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  • Person
  • 1777-1857

FULLER, AUGUSTUS ELIOTT, eldest son of John Trayton Fuller, Ashdown Park, Sussex, and his second wife Hon. Anne Eliott, only dau. of George Augustus Eliott, 1st Baron Heathfield KB, Lieut. -Gen. in the Army and Governor of Gibraltar; b. 7 May 1777; in school list 1795 and sixth form list 1796; St. John’s Coll. Camb., adm. fellow commoner 2 May 1796; MP (Conservative) East Sussex 1841-57; of Rosehill, Brightling, and of Ashdown Park, Sussex; DL JP Sussex; m. 5 Sep 1801 Clara, eldest dau. of Owen Putland Meyrick (qv); d. 5 Aug 1857.

Lewis, Matthew Gregory, 1775-1818

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  • Person
  • 1775-1818

LEWIS, MATTHEW GREGORY, elder son of Matthew Lewis (qv); b. 9 Jul 1775; adm. 19 Jul 1783; a successful actor in the Town Boys’ plays; played Falconbridge in King John and My Lord Duke in High Life below Stairs to great applause (Letters and Correspondence, i, 42); Christ Church, Oxford, matr. 27 Apr 1790, Canoneer Student 23 Dec 1790 – void 25 Jun 1803; BA 1794; MA 1797; attaché to British Embassy, The Hague May – Dec 1794; author, Ambrosio, or the Monk, 1795, a best-selling novel which made him famous as “Monk” Lewis; MP Hindon 1796-1802; his play, The Castle Spectre, ran for sixty nights from 14 Dec 1797 under Sheridan’s management at Drury Lane; author, Tales of Wonder, 1801, also poems and other plays; visited West Indies estates to make arrangements for welfare of his slaves 1815-6, 1817-8; d. unm. at sea on his voyage home from Jamaica 14 May 1818. DNB.

Rose, George, 1744-1818

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  • Person
  • 1744-1818

ROSE, GEORGE, second son of Rev. David Rose, Lethnot, Forfarshire, nonjuring clergyman, and his second wife Margaret, dau. of Donald Rose, Westerclunie [check county]; b. 17 Jun 1744; at school under Markham (Diaries and Correspondence of the Right Hon. George Rose, 1860, i, 8-9); entered Royal Navy; served as midshipman in expedition to St. Malo 1758 and in West Indies, twice wounded in action; left navy 1762; Clerk in Record Office of Exchequer; Deputy Chamberlain, Exchequer 20 May 1774 – Feb 1783; Surveyor of Green Wax Moneys 21 Jul 1775; superintended the printing of the Journals and Rolls of the House of Lords; Secretary to the Treasury Jul 1782 – Apr 1783, Dec 1783 – Mar 1801; Clerk of the Pleas, Court of Exchequer Jan 1784 – Feb 1797; MP Launceston 1784 – Jun 1788, Lymington 1 Jul 1788-90, Christchurch from 1790; Clerk of the Parliaments, House of Lords, from Jun 1788; Privy Councillor 13 Jan 1802; Vice-Pres., Board of Trade, and Joint Paymaster-Gen., 7 Jul 1804 – Feb 1806; Vice-Pres., Board of Trade, and Treasurer of the Navy 15 Apr 1807-12; Treasurer of the Navy from 1812; Trustee, British Museum, from 1804; an intimate friend and political follower of William Pitt; of considerable financial ability; author, The Proposed System of Trade with Ireland Explained, 1785, and other publications chiefly on financial subjects; his Diaries and Correspondence were published in 1860; m. 7 Jul 1769 Theodora, dau. of Maj. John Duer, Antigua, West Indies, and Fulham, Middlesex; d. 13 Jan 1818. DNB.

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