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Busby, Richard, 1606-1695 With digital objects
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Dr. Richard Busby

Head and shoulders of Busby wearing academic dress and a scull cap; he is inclined to the left. The portrait is surrounded by a painter oval and Busby's name and dates are painted in the top left corner

Dr. Richard Busby after Henry Tilson

Three-quarter length portrait of Busby standing, wearing academic robes and a scull cap; his body and head are inclined to the left of the painting; to the bottom-left is a table covered with a cloth, upon which is an open book; Busby has almost turned a page with his right hand.

Dr Busby, Headmaster. 1638-1695

One copy annotated on reverse by R.S. Chalk, as follows:
'(Bust dated 1895-L.E.T. p39) 1918-1924
There were in my day two busts of Dr. Busby (both presumably destroyed in the Blitz)- one behind the HM’s chair Up School, the other in an oval recess in the Busby Library, above the chair occupied by the Master, in my time I.F. Smedley.
On these two busts was based the most famous of several apocryphal stories currently concerning I.F.S and the VII Form (definitely before my time!), as follows: - I.F.S. had lunched well and wined freely.
[He was in fact a man of most sober habits]
On his return to take Afternoon School, he was astounded to see two busts above his Chair (the other having been surreptitiously ‘borrowed’ from School!). On being questioned, every single member of the VII he could see but one – I.F.S must be “seeing double”! Not convinced yet, I.F.S left the room to fetch Sergt. Bowler for his testimony. As once the culprits removed the second bust, leaving one only.
On returning then with Sergeant, I.F.S. was about to ask him his opinion when he looked- and (still mystified) said instead – “Very well, -er, Sergeant- you may go!”)'