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House Ledgers

These ledgers were created by the Heads of House and record events which happened within the House. They contain details of societies, sports, punishments and anything the Heads thought noteworthy of recording.

Grant's House Ledger 1902-1916

This ledger was kept by the Head of House. It contains the names of the previous Heads of Houses and notes on them. Also recorded in the ledger are the Rules and Customs of Grant's House, which successive Heads have altered over the years, and details of 'The Grantite', the House magazine. Recorded in the Ledger are events relating to the House and school which the Heads of House thought interesting or noteworthy and include sporting achievements (including summaries of various inter-house matches), details of the debating and literary societies, as well as plays performed by the boys at the House. Towards the end of the volume is a list of Grantites who entered the military, some of whom fought in WWI. There is also a list of Grantites killed in WWI.

Grant's House Ledger 1916-1931

This ledger, kept by the Head of House, contains details of events the Head of House thought interesting and worth recording in the 'House Notes' and 'House Chronicle', as well as details of tannings and punishments. There are summaries of each term and year. Details of the literary society are also recorded including plays performed and the names of boys who performed each part. A list of the previous Heads of Grant's House and a list of the rules and customs of the House is also recorded. Early entries often refer to the war and air raids in London, and at the end of the volume is a list of Grantite cricket pinks and a list of all the plays read by the Literary Society.\r\n\r\nA note at the start states that a new ledger has been started titled 'The Athletic Ledger' for details regarding sports which are not recorded in detail in this ledger. There are also two inserts inside the front cover one titled 'The Rules of the Knelige', the other titled 'Westminster School Pocket Rules'.

Grant's House Ledger 1939-1966

This ledger, kept by the Head of House, contains a list of Heads of House for Grants, but does not outline the rules and customs of the House, which are contained in a separate ledger. It includes the house chronicle, accounts of what happened within the House in the previous term, lists of those who were tanned and what they were tanned for, general accounts of the previous terms and anything the Head of House thought noteworthy to record, including comments about students and staff. Early accounts give details about evacuation during the Second World War, and there are also accounts of any plays the House performed and of the Play Supper. Sporting achievements are noted and there are various inserts throughout the volume, including photographs and cuttings from the 'Grantite Review'.


This series contains two volumes which include Grant's House lists and details of the pupils within the house. There is also an attendance register and a volume containing the House accounts. A volume recording the Grant's House rules is also included.

Grant's House Ledger 1931-1939

This ledger, kept by the Head of House, contains the rules and customs of Grant's House and a continuation of the names of Heads of House. There are also details of sporting achievements, the 'House Chronicle' which states what has happened in the House during the last term, and anything which the Heads thought interesting to record. A list of those tanned and what they were punished for, and an account of the Play Supper for each year is also recorded. Towards the end of the ledger are inserts with instructions of what to do in the event of an evacuation and air raid. It is accompanied by a description of the boys being evacuated to Lancing. A continuation of the last entry can be found at the start of the next ledger.

Grant's House Register

A register of the students in Grant's house, giving their name, date of birth, the dates they entered and left the school, their form, the preparatory school they attended, their address and any other remarkable achievements. Later in the register only the names of the pupils and the dates they entered and left Grant's House are recorded. There is an index at the back of the book where the students are listed by surname.

Grant's House Lists

This volume contains hand written notes listing the names of boys who have started, those who have changed from being day pupils to boarding, those who have left and finally boys who are either monitors or Head of House. Printed lists are inserted within the book and give the names of boarders and day pupils, including their forms. \r\nNot all the terms have a printed list.

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