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GB 2014 WS-03-PIC-001/27 · Item · 1621
Part of Westminster School's Archive and Collections

Three-quarters length portrait of Williams, who stands turned to the right wearing black robes with a white ruff, black hat and moustache; his right hand rests horizontally across his stomach while his left hand drops to its natural position. On the right of the picture is Williams' coat of arms, inscribed with the identity of the sitter and the date of 1621.
Possibly a variant of a portrait of 1627 by Jackson at St John's College, Cambridge.

Jackson, Gilbert, c.1595-after 1648
The Majesty Scutcheon
GB 2014 WS-03-PIC-001/77 · Item · 1658
Part of Westminster School's Archive and Collections

Dyed, painted silk, on a hessian backing. On the left the arms of the Commonwealth: the crosses of St. George and St. Andrew and the Irish harp and in escutcheon a lion rampant guardant for Cromwell. On the right are the quarterings of his wife. Inscribed verso with: 'this ensign was snatched from the bier of the tyrant Oliver Cromwell, when his waxen effigy, adorned with royal state, was being magnificently displayed in the Church of St. Peter, Westminster'.

GB 2014 WS-03-PIC-001/06 · Item · Early 18th Century
Part of Westminster School's Archive and Collections

Reverend William Freind (1714-66) as a scholar aged 13, in a carved wooden frame; he is standing in a library wearing a scholar's gown. Freind had four children, the youngest of whom John, succeeded to the estates of his maternal uncle, Richard Robinson, Bishop of Armagh, Baron Rokeby, to become Sir John Robinson.

Bardwell, Thomas, 1704-1767
GB 2014 WS-03-PIC-002/92 · Item · c. 1752
Part of Westminster School's Archive and Collections

Pelham sits on the left to the front of the composition. He is depicted with dark blue-grey eyes and heavy eyebrows nearly concealing a wart above his right eye. His long grey wig falling in front of his left shoulder and behind his right. He wears his chancellor's gown with gold lace over black coat, with a flocked details, lace cravat and wrist ruffles. Pelham is seated in a plain red chair, draped curtain behind, a letter without writing in his left hand. On the right sits John Roberts, with dark blue-grey eyes and dark brows. He is positioned behind a table draped with a green cloth. Roberts wears a red coat with the top button fastened and lace cuffs; he holds a quill to a page and further papers topped by an inkstand holding a second quill can be seen on the extreme right. Behind Roberts is an archway with sky and trees visible beyond. The composition is lit from the top left.

Shackleton, John, d.1767